10 Best Offline Android Games in Free 2021

In the previous article, I told you 10 Best file sharing apps for Android smartphones. Here are the best popular offline games for android.

1. Traffic Rider

Traffic rider is a bike racing game in less than 90mb. It is a very fun game while playing. You have to play this game with a gyroscope to control your bike handling.

Graphics are also very good at this game’s size.

This game is easily playable on very low-end devices. Android KitKat is the minimum required Android version.

Download: Traffic Rider


  • FPP Gameplay
  • Too many game levels
  • So many motorcycles and their skins
  • Less than 100 MB
  • more than 100 Mission

2. Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is the best offline android game. I have played so many games but this game is one of the best android games offline. In this game, you have a fight with shadows and you have to win the game.

The controls are straight forward like any other fighting game. You have to play the survival games over and over so you can buy an item or upgrade your equipment just to win the first mission.

You can equip your favorite weapon and fight with shadows and There are lots of fight moves present in this game to defeat your enemies.

Download: Shadow Fight 2


  • Many types of equipment
  • You can Kick, punch and jump
  • Customize your fighter with epic swords
  • Armour suit available
  • Controls are easy

3. Where is my water?

This game is like a puzzle game or better than a puzzle based on Physics. You have to carry water and choose the correct path to bring that water for the creature for the given time. Once you passed level you’ll be pushed to the next level of the Game.

There are so many levels of this offline game. This game is very challenging, You should definitely try this game. This game will run smoothly in very low-end devices.

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Download: Where is my water?


  • Fun, Addictive, Puzzle game
  • Challenging Modes
  • Take the help of hints to pass the level
  • Too many winning awards

4. Runner: Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey game is similar to arcade games. Once you start playing this game, it seems endless but there are so many levels and you have passed that level.

You have to Slide and Jump to collect points to buy products. The background graphics of this offline game is very amazing. There are too many characters and you have to choose one character although you can change your character when you feel bored with one character.

Download: Runner: Alto’s Odyssey


  • Jump, slide to collect points
  • Too many characters
  • Best background graphics
  • Seems Endless Level
  • Zen Mode
  • Amazing soundtracks

5. Hill climb racing

Almost 90% of people who play games are familiar with this game. Basically, this is a car game and you have to ride it on the Hill roads. You can collect more points by jumping and flipping your car in the air.

This game is really a very fun offline android game. Too many levels are available in this game. You can unlock game levels by achieving the points. You can also buy different vehicles like car, tractor, tank, etc.

Download: Hill climb racing


  • Very fun game because of Hilly roads
  • So many game levels and many Hill roads as well
  • At least 50 vehicles are added in this game
  • Flip or jump your bike to get more coins
  • Cool graphics and Multiplayer

6. Traffic Rider

It is a Bike-Category best offline android game. This is an endless bike racing game with great riding experience. This game has a very simple layout but the features are so amazing. You can play this game just like other Bike racing games you use to play but this game graphics are amazing.

Download: Traffic Rider


  • FPP Gameplay
  • 20+ Motorcycles to buy
  • Support Multi-languages
  • 70+ Missions to archive
  • Multiplayer

7. Noble Men: 1896

Again, This game is an offline Battle Royal Survival game similar to the D Day game. You are a nobleman and you have to lead your armies to victory in this game but only you can destroy your enemies.

It is an intense shooter game. Controls are easy to learn and you can modify your controls according to you.

Noble Men supports Offline gameplay.

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Download: Noble Men: 1896


  • The alternate reality of 1896
  • Intense shooter combat game
  • Controls are easy
  • So many enemies

8. Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG

Iron Blade is an amazing fighting offline game. You have to fight neither with a Gun nor Tank. In the Iron blade sword is the primary weapon to defeat your enemies with a great fighting skills.

You have to upgrade your armors to fight with Boss. Controls are easy to master, After playing a few hours you can master this Game.

Download: Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG


  • PvP challenge
  • Amazing fighting skills
  • Compete with players
  • epic warriors

9. Seven Star 3D: Offline Android Games

Seven Star 3D is a very addictive offline game with a very simple layout. You have to slide a ball a 3D ball towards your goal with the help of a gyroscope sensor.

Unfortunately, this game is not available on the Play Store but I’m Giving you an external link to Download Seven Star 3D.

Download: Seven Star 3D


  • Seven Star is different from other games
  • Uses a roscope sensor to slide the ball
  • Really fun while turning the ball
  • 7 big Levels

10. Modern Critical Warfare: Action offline game

This is advanced, first-person shooter game is similar to the call of duty but this is an offline game. Controls are much likely similar to the other Battle Royal games. You will also get Sniper riffles to kill your enemies in one shot. Play this game in 3D FPS with full commando action.

Download: Modern Critical Warfare


  • Controls layout are easy to learn
  • Runs smoothly in older devices
  • Similar to the call of duty
  • Realistic 3D graphics
  • Big Game Map
  • FPS Gameplay
  • Free and easy to play

I hope you like the best offline android games for android. You can play these games and enjoy without any Internet Costs. I have included Racing, Arcade, Addictive, Fighting etc games.

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