5 Cool Ways to Reboot an Android Smartphone

When you reboot your Android device, it removes some technical problems including lagging issue, app crashing issue, phone freezing, etc. It also speeds up things such as your smartphone speed, apps launching speed, etc. Here are 5 cool ways to reboot an Android smartphone.

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Using Power Button

Restart using Power button

There are two ways to restart an Android phone using the power button. Formally known as a soft reboot and hard/force reboot.

Way 1. Soft Reboot with Power Button

Many Android smartphones come with a power button that can be used to turn off or restart the device. It fixes normal Android issues such as app crashing or force closed app, launcher not responding, network issue, etc.

For the soft reboot, press & hold the power button for a second and tap on restart/ reboot option. This will reboot your smartphone within a few seconds. It is the way followed by almost every smartphone user to perform a standard restart.

Way 2. Force Reboot with Power Button

Using this technique, you can forcefully reboot your Android phone using the power button. It is used to solve some common problems along with hard problems such as phone freezing or stuck OS, etc.

Generally, you need to press & hold the power button for at least 30 seconds to perform force reboot. But, in some case smartphone brand matters as well. You can try this method with your Android phone and if it doesn’t work then Google it yourself for how to force reboot your device.

Way 3. Reboot From Recovery

Reboot Android using recovery

Sometimes, users don’t have option for force reboot. In that case, they can use the Android recovery mode to perform the restart operation. To do that, press and hold the smartphone’ power button along with the volume up key for about 20 seconds and leave the power button when you see a boot logo.

Once you’re in recovery mode, use the smartphone’ power button & volume key to select and navigate through options. In recovery mode, choose the reboot/restart option to reboot your smartphone back in UI.

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Way 4. Reboot using Android App

Link2SD app

Generally, apps aren’t allowed to access kernel level operations in Android such as rebooting or powering off your device. However, you can root your Android phone to archive this operation. Here’s how to root an Android phone.

Once you’re rooted, download & install Link2SD app from the play store. Then open the app and tap on menu (3-vertical lines) option then select the reboot option and choose reboot or quick reboot.

Way 5. Reboot Using ADB

Reboot Android using ADB

First, you’ll need a PC, USB cable, and of course an Android phone to perform Reboot operation in this way.

Goto this link and download ADB on your computer and follow the installation process. Then download this SDK Platform Tools and extract on your Windows home screen. Once these steps are done, you’re ready for further process.

Now open SDK platform tools folder and press right button along with shift key and then select command prompt or “Open Window PowerShell here“. Once you’re inside the command window, type “adb reboot” command and hit enter. It will reboot your Android smartphone back to launcher.


The whole point indicated that you’re not limited with certain amount of features & functionalities. You can try different methods and techniques to achieve the same operation which one can use according to his situation.

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