Top 10 Android Launchers You Must Try in 2020

Most Android smartphones have a very simple or not having so good launcher. Basically a launcher provides a user interface & functionalities between the user and Android operating system. There are some ways you can use to extend the functionalities and improve the look of the Android launcher. One of my favorite methods is to switch over another launcher. So today, I will share 10 best highly customizable Android launchers you must try once.

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10 Best Android Launchers


  • Nova Launcher
  • Poco Launcher 2.0
  • Go Launcher
  • Apex Launcher
  • Mi Launcher
  • Microsoft Launcher
  • Apus Launcher
  • CM Launcher
  • ADW Launcher 2
  • C Launcher

1. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

The top most result for a launcher for Android is Nova Launcher. Nova launcher considered as a lightweight along with highly customizable is the most downloaded Android launcher from the PlayStore. It provides user lag-free experience. In terms of features, Nova launcher has dark theme & light theme, 3D touch support, custom icon, dual app drawer mode, app locker, night mode, etc. It has some gestures support as well which can be used to perform various tasks. Loaded with tons of features & still lightweight, this is simply an irreplaceable launcher.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight & lag-free experience
  • Applocker & App hiding feature
  • Swipe feature support
  • iOS like 3D touch
  • Night mode
  • Dark theme, and much more.

2. Poco Launcher 2.0: Customize, Fresh & Clean

Best Android Launchers

Pocophone 2.0 is one of few Xiaomi smartphones based on Poco launcher 2.0. The developers have made the launcher really fast with clean minimalist design. Since its a clean design, Of course there’ll be no extra features, Wrong! You get Dark theme, light theme, animations, etc with some additional features like app hiding apps from the home screen, double-tap to turn off the screen, search shortcut, and much more. It this is not enough for you, move to the next launcher.

Key features:

  • Highly customizable
  • Search shortcut
  • App hiding
  • Third-party icon support
  • Lots of themes, animation, and much more.

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3. Go Launcher

Best Android Launchers

I use the Go Launcher app when I bored with default launcher which is one of the most highly customizable Android launchers. The Go launcher requires high specs devices so that it can run smoothly. In terms of UI, it has nearly 10,000 unique custom themes along with Go store to download ringtones, live wallpapers, apps, etc. Also, smart security features, if someone tries to unlock your smartphone will capture an image of the stranger, app locker & hiding, etc are some other mindblowing features. The only con I’ve noticed it has dr.clean booster pre-installed & Android don’t need it.

Key Features:

  • Free HD wallpapers
  • Live weather forecast and many more widgets
  • Ultimate privacy protection
  • Unlimited themes, icons, etc
  • Live wallpapers, Great animations and lot’s of stickers
  • Continuously improvement and updates

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4. Apex Launcher: Customise, Secure, and efficient

Best Android Launchers

With 10Million+ downloads, Apex launcher is simply a more advanced Android launcher. Try this app if you want to change your Android look into simple but at the same time very highly customizable. The app is free to download. More likely Poco Launcher 2.0, This app has some similar features such as app drawer, free to download, multiple app grid, etc. Along with that, there are so many app icons to choose also the app got some animation & transition effects to make things more cool.

One can unlock the premium features with Apex Launcher Pro. Such premium features are unread messages count, gestures shortcuts, advanced widget options, etc. You can purchase it under 10$ from Google play store.

Key Features:

  • Hide or lock the user apps
  • Supports gestures shortcuts
  • Unlimited themes
  • Backup and restore feature
  • Many icon packs
  • Fast and free
  • MIUI style look

5. Mi Launcher

Best Android Launchers

Yes! Mi launcher is now available on Google play store which is one of the best Android launchers ever. If you’re using Mi phone then you really don’t need to install this launcher, since this is the same launcher as MIUI custom skin. Mi launcher is not the most customizable but it is the most lightweight & fastest launcher among all.

Features: There’re not so many features to include here, however, it has some unique features such as flat design, infinite scrolling, set scrolling wallpaper, switch between two app drawer mode (MIUI style, and pixel style), and some widgets to place on the home screen. It supports the app hiding feature as well. Overall it’s a great launcher for all kinds of user.

Key Features: 

  • Flat design
  • Lightweight & Fast
  • Supports landscape mode
  • Extensive icon pack support
  • Under few Megabytes

6. Microsoft Launcher

Best Android Launchers

Microsoft launcher is a very popular & the best Android launcher in this series. It’s developed by Microsoft Corporation. Having 4.5 ratings on the PlayStore, Microsoft launcher gives a very new look & feel. There are few launchers who can beat Nova Launcher & it is one of them. It let you organize things better on your phone. The app follows simple app drawer approach organized by the letter A-Z but with a new look behind.

Microsoft launcher stands out some basic but useful features on the home screen such as sticky notes can help you to remember things for long, Google feed for reading the latest news & quick search, the 3D feature which can be used for quick operations without going into the app, etc. Also, we get apple style notification bar from where you can manage the recent tasks, notifications, turn of WiFi, Bluetooth, torchlight on/off, and many other options.

The features include dock mode, themes, wallpapers, gestures, feed, search, backup & restore, and advanced settings.

Key Features:

  • New notification bar
  • Customized news feed
  • App drawer customization
  • Custom app icon
  • Quick search option
  • 3D touch support

7. Apus Launcher

Apus Launcher

The concept of Apus launcher is very simple like other launchers. It’s fast, lightweight, customizable, and stylish at the same time. The high definition themes & wallpapers make it look more premium and superior. It has everything that you get in the previous launchers though, you get some unique features as well such as a smart folder, multi-language support, weather forecasting, etc.

Key Features: 

  • 50000+ wallpapers
  • Quick Search
  • Smart Folder
  • Pixel style app drawer
  • New toolbar style
  • Gesture Support

8. CM launcher

Best Android Launchers

CM launcher is optimized for low-end Android devices. Meaning there’ll be a lag-free experience. Optimized for battery & long term performance both can help to make your smartphone long-lasting.

Features: CM Launcher contains 10000+ unique themes along with thousands of transition effects & animations, etc. Also, it supports 3D icon packs, 3D themes, and live wallpaper as well. We got lots of customization options to do more & more. It let you maintain your privacy by hiding selected apps from the app drawer or using app locker. This launcher fulfills our all requirement that you can expect from an Android launcher.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited themes and wallpapers
  • 3D icon packs, themes, and live wallpaper support
  • App lock & hide as well
  • Unity themes and VR themes
  • You can self-design/customize your theme
  • Supports 1 tap booster
  • Great toolbox
  • Cortana support

9. ADW Launcher 2

ADW Launcher

The advanced version of Google Now, ADW Launcher 2 is of my launcher ever you must try once. When you install this launcher for the very first time, it might seem very simple but as you go into deep you get some highly customizable options. As I mentioned earlier it is the advanced version of Google Now you get every option that Google Now already has & also some extensive option as well.

Features: ADW launcher support some premium features. For example, the quick search option to find apps quickly, gestures supports, change app drawer style, app hide, and lock feature, etc. There’re many extensions available on the play store for this launcher for over customizing.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Google Now launcher
  • Gesture support
  • Extend functionalities using extensions
  • Supports Android 9 shortcuts

10. C Launcher

Best Android Launchers

C launcher works differently than any other launcher. With customized UI & Windows 7 style icons, probably it’s the most unique launcher. It supports some automatic features that many launchers required to buy the premium version.

Features: Most of the Android launchers have these same options as app lock and hide, unlimited themes, icon packs, animations effects, app drawer settings, etc. But C launcher has a different approach. It follows the window 7 style themes, icon packs, wallpapers, etc. It can count the unread text message or WhatsApp messages on the home screen.

It comes with an inbuilt cleaner feature to clean the junk files(the only thing I don’t like).

Key Features:

  • Windows 7 themes, icons, animations effects, etc
  • Two app drawer mode
  • Unread count message
  • Unlimited themes

Bottom Line

Thanks for scrolling down. We’ve discussed 10 best Android launchers you can choose any of above. If I have to choose any one launcher I would go with Microsoft launcher for sure. It is the most overloaded feature but lightweight at the same time. Comment down to let me know which one is your favorite launcher. If you’ve any extensive questions feel free to contact us. Subscribe us to get future updates and don’t forget to share it with your friends or followers on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever you use. See you in next article.

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