How to Backup Your WhatsApp Messages on Android or iPhone

WhatsApp contains tons of conversions with your friends, send or received media files, documents, etc. You can easily get worried if your conversions or documents files suddenly disappear from the WhatsApp app. That’s why you better make sure to backup of your all important WhatsApp chats, media files, and documents on somewhere on the external drive or cloud storage. If somehow the message deletes at least you’ll be able to recover them. The main reason of making this article is to teach you how to backup your WhatsApp messages on Android or iPhone. So without waiting too much let’s get to the tutorial.

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How to Backup WhatsApp Messages

Before going through the process, make sure WhatsApp is installed on your Android or iPhone and logged in successfully to your WhatsApp account. If it’s done already then follow the given steps one by one

Step1: Open WhatsApp on your Android or iPhone

Open WhatsApp on your Android or iPhone

Step2: Then Goto WhatsApp settings from vertical three dots

Step3: Select Chats

Select Chats

Step4: Scroll down to bottom and Choose Chat Backup

Select Chat Backup Option

Step5: To backup, all your messages on your Android or iPhone, simply tap on the green BACK UP button and wait till it’s complete successfully.

Tap on BACK UP option to backup WhatsApp messages

Note: Alternatively, you can backup your messages directly into Google cloud and you’ll never have to worry of losing them at all. Here’s how to do it:

Step6: Select the option “Back up to Google Drive” from Chat Backup settings and choose the time to backup automatically

Choose message backup time period

Step7: Then tap on “Google Account ” option and choose your Google account

Step8: At last step, Select “Back Up Over” and choose “Wi-Fi or Cellular

Choose your network to backup WhatsApp messages

Thats how you can backup your messages into your smartphone storage device. To view where all your backups are stored, open your File Manager then goto WhatsApp folder you will see a Backups folder over there. Inside that folder all your message backups are stored, however, those messages are in encrypted format so you can’t simply view those messages.

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How to Restore WhatsApp Messages

How to restore WhatsApp messages on Android or iPhone

Once you have a backup copy of your messages you can easily restore them next time you install WhatsApp on your Android or iPhone. Here’s how to do it

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Enter & Verify your Mobile Number
  • Allow storage and other permissions
  • Now A Backup Popup will show up. Just Single Tap on Restore Option to get back all your WhatsApp messages.

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Bottom Line

It was the official method to backup & restore WhatsApp messages on Android or iPhone. I hope you like this tutorial. For more WhatsApp updates and other tech tutorials follow our blog and also follow us on our social platform Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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