10 Best Alternatives to WhatsApp to Switch Right Now [2021]

WhatsApp is a great messaging service for mobile platforms. But, after the new WhatsApp privacy, it became the worse messenger for some users. According to the new WhatsApp policy,  “WhatsApp will share some information (Phone number, IP address, Transaction Data, etc) with Facebook and other companies and your WhatsApp account will be deleted if you don’t accept its new privacy policy till 8 Feb 2021”.

This article belongs to those guys who didn’t like the new WhatsApp privacy policy and looking for similar messaging apps. Here is the list of the 10 best alternatives to WhatsApp you can switch to that right now.

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10 Best WhatsApp Alternative Apps in 2021

1. Signal

Signal app is one of the very popular messengers and the best WhatsApp alternative available on mobile platforms. You can download the Signal app on your Android, iOS, and desktop devices for free. The app features end-to-end encryption like WhatsApp keeping a secure chat conversation between sender & receiver. Along with that, you can use this app to make HD voice/video calls and send media files such as photos, videos, documents, and more. Other similar features include message disappearing feature (delete from everyone), group chat, support of multiple devices, etc.

Besides everything, Signal has a very strong privacy policy. It only stores your phone number on its server and no other account information. Overall, it’s a great Whatsapp messenger alternative to switch.

Key Features:

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Strict privacy policy
  • HD voice/video calls
  • Multiplatform support

2. Viber

Back in the days, Viber was an extremely popular messaging app and still, it has 100 million active global users on smartphones. With the help of Viber, you can easily chat with your friends, send/receive text messages, stickers, Gifs, make free international voice/video calls, group chat for up to 250 people, send/receive media files, and more. Like WhatsApp, Viber has Message Disappearing feature as well that lets you can set a timer then the message will be destroyed automatically.

Moreover, it has the support of end-to-end encryption which helps to deliver messages to your recipient securely. Viber has a very strong privacy policy that does not collect any user data (Except phone number and name for login). You can use Viber on multi-devices (Android, iOS, Windows) simultaneously.

Key Features:

  • end-to-end encryption
  • Better than WhatsApp
  • Multiple devices support
  • Self-distruct feature

3. Telegram

Telegram: Best WhatsApp Alternatives

Like WhatsApp, Telegram is one of the most popular messaging apps. Besides any other messaging apps, Telegram has lots of useful features along and tons of messaging tools. It has over 400 million active global users and still growing. In terms of speed, Telegram is the fastest messenger on the market and it literally takes no time in delivering messages. You can chat with your friends by sending text messages, emojis, stickers, gifs, and more. It also offers voice and video calling features. Moreover, you can send the unlimited size of files of any type.
In Telegram, end-to-end encryption works only when you start a secret chat with your friend where you can enable a self-destruct timer that deletes conversation after a certain time. Telegram is the only messaging app that can create a group of up to 200,000 members. It’s available for multiform devices including Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac for free.

Key Features:

  • Up to 200,000 members in one group
  • Send files of unlimited size 
  • Strict privacy policy
  • Send files without compressing
  • Secret Chat feature
  • Multi-platform support

4. KakaoTalk


KakaoTalk is a free secure messaging service made in South Korea that lets you securely chat with your friends. It has thousands of stickers and emojis collection to make chatting more fun. KakaoTalk offers a simple and easy UI similar to other messenger apps. Using KakaoTalk, you can make create groups, make free voice or video calls to friends or family, share current location, and more.
KakaoTalk has support for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Android Wear. It has around 52 million active users worldwide making it one of the most popular messenger.

Key Features:

  • Secure and fast messenger
  • Thousands of sticker and emojis collection
  • Android Wear support
  • And more.

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5. Discord


Discord is one of the best WhatsApp alternatives that respect your privacy. Although, it’s more popular among PC gamers it has millions of active users on mobile platforms as well. Here you can chat with your friends over text, voice, and video. And yeah! you can send media files (such as photos, videos, audio) through the discord app.
Discord makes it easier to communicate with your team in HD voice quality while you’re in-game. Along with that, you can create text/voice channels where users can join your room and talk.

Key Features:

  • Best for voice call
  • Send message, photos, videos, etc
  • Join Discord Communities

6. Skype


Skype is probably one of the oldest messaging platforms ever. It was launched in the year 2003 and it became popular in a very short time. Through Skype, you can send/receive text messages, make audio and HD video calls along with call recording, share device screen with your friends and create a private conversation. Like WhatsApp, Every chat, calls, send files, etc are end-to-end encrypted that protects your data from malicious users
You can download Skype for Desktop and Mobile Devices from Microsoft Official website.

Key Features:

  • Best for Video Calls
  • end-to-end encrypted
  • Share device scree
  • Call recording feature
  • Private conversation

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7. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts will keep in a touch with one person or group. It features instant messaging, voice call, video call, auto screen focus, screen sharing, and more. You can create or join a group of 150 people and send photos, videos, and documents, etc. Hangouts also feature group video calling with up to 10 persons. 
Google Hangouts is available for multiple platform devices.

Key Features:

  • Fast, Simple, Secure
  • Quick Video and Voice Calls
  • Create a group of 150 people
  • Multiplatform Device Support

8. Threema

Threema Private Messenger

Even though Threema is a paid platform it’s the world’s best-selling secure messenger on Google Play and AppStore. It keeps your data out of the hands of hackers, third-party companies, and governments. You can use Threema completely anonymously. Every Threema users get a random Threema ID for identification and nothing else. No phone number and email ID is required to log in to Threema messenger.
On Threema, users can send and receive text/voice messages, make voice and video calls, share media files and documents, create groups, and more. All messages, calls, and files you send or receive are highly end-to-end encrypted. Threema also lets you choose the dark or light theme. It costs around US $2.99 on the play store.

Key Features:

  • The most secured messenger on the market.
  • Everything is highly encrypted
  • Dark theme available
  • Use it anonymously

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9. Wire

Wire Secure messenger

Wire is another one of the secured messenger platforms where users can chat and communicate with each other. Wire allows you to send and receive messages, send files, and make phone calls while keeping your information private. It includes a bunch of privacy features that you can enable to secure your chats from other people. 
Wire is available as an on-demand solution for crisis collaboration. And, it also offers a free version for external business partners or friends and family use.

Key Features:

  • Secure Messenger
  • Private Chats

10. Line

Line Messenger

Unlike WhatsApp, Line messenger offers tons of features and tools beyond basic messaging. It allows to chat with friends and family through messages, voice/video calls, emojis and stickers. Along with that, users can send photos, videos, and other media files with your friends or in groups. Line can hold up to 200 people in one group. LINE out feature internation calling at very low chargest even if a user isn’t on LINE. And, most important one LINE does not collect important user data.

Key Features:

  • Free Internation Calling
  • Auto-Sync Feature
  • Multi-Platform Support

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Final Thought

I hope you like the 10 best alternatives to WhatsApp. If you find this article helpful don’t forget to share it with your social media platform so that they can protect their data and privacy as well.
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