15 Best Android Hacks and Tricks in 2020

There are such a lot of things you can do with your Android phone that actually you don’t know. There are some certain Android hacks that can help you to do things much quicker than you take usually. Also, you can perform some high-level operations, such as, install Kali Linux on Android, Track device location, etc. In this tutorial, we will take you 15 Best Android Hacks that will change your overall experience.

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15 Android Tricks & Hacks 2020 are as follows

We have explored our Android and found some of the amazing tricks that we have listed below in only one article. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

1. Coding With Android Phone

Coding With Android Phone (Best Android Tricks)

If you’re planning to learn a new programming language, you must start coding right now.

Generally, people think having a laptop is essential to start coding but here they’re wrong. There are so many IDEs available on the play store for various programming languages that you can download & install directly from there and start coding right now from our Android phone.

  • For Java programmer, Java N-IDE app is one of the best IDE available for Android. You can easily download & install an IDE for your programming language.

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2. Access Android Developer Options

Access Android Developer Options

Developer settings have so many useful options for Android developers and for us. you can use those settings to root your deviceinstall TWRP recoveryunlock the bootloader, or boost your Android smartphone speed, etc.

Because it contains some serious settings, it is not enabled by default. To enable developer options, go to Android Settings > About phone >  Build Number > Tap 7-8 times on build number.

Some features of developer Options:

  • Stay Awake: You can enable this feature if you want to keep your phone’s display always turned on while charging.
  • OEM unlocking: This setting is necessary to unlock the bootloader of your smartphone in order to install TWRP or root your device.
  • USB debugging: USB debugging makes sure that you are properly connected to the computer. This is used to communicate with the computer to Android.
  • Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, Animator duration scale: These three settings are very useful, they can increase your smartphone speed if you put their scale from 1x to 0.5x or off.
  • Force 4x MSAA: This setting increase the GPU power in order to increase the gaming experience by increasing the smoothness of the game.
  • Background process limit: You can limit your background process from 1 to 4 applications.

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3. Three Finger Screenshot

3 finger screenshot Android trick

To take a screenshot on an Android phone, Generally, people press & hold power + volume key for 3-5 seconds. But do you know? there’s another simple way to take screenshots. Just slide your three fingers on the screen from top to button. Every modern smartphone support this feature.

4. Install Kali Linux OS in Android without root

installing Kali Linux on Android Phone

Kali Linux is known as the most secured operating system for desktops. It can be used in hacking, scripting, servers, and other cyber things. If you want to make your career into hacking, it becomes essential to master the Kali Linux.

Most people are not aware of this feature that using Debian Noroot app you can easily install Kali linux on your Android phone without rooting your device. This app also allows us to import hacking tools, packages, etc to perform some basic hacking operations.

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5. Scan Documents, IDs, Books, etc with Android

Android hacks to scan documents

Use your Android phone to scan the documents, IDs, Books, etc to enhance the color & quality and make that properly formatted.

Camscanner scans the documents and utilizes them in a proper format with the help of auto-crop technique. Along with scanning feature, it offers 10GB cloud storage, OCR scanning, E-signatures, and other features. you can remover pesky ads from this app with premium membership at the $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year.

Download & install the CamScanner app from the play store.

6. Turn Off Background Data Usage

turn off background data

Some Android Apps uses a lot of background data without letting you know once. These apps may steal and sell your private data or phone’s data to third party companies.

Goto Android Settings > Data usage > Three Vertical Dots From top right corner > Restrict Background Data. This will turn off background data usage for All Android apps.

To restrict background data for a each app, open Android Settings > Data Usage > Choose your App > Three Vertical dots > Restrict Background data. That’s it.

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7. Use Screen Recorder to record the screen

use screen recorder (best Android tricks & hacks)

Do you know? using this Android hack you can use to record your smartphone screen using a screen recorder. Now, record your phones screen to make a video tutorial and share with your friends or YouTube.

To record your Android screen, either you can download & install a screen recorder app or some smartphone already has installed.

8. Identify the directions using Android Phone

identify direction using Android Phone

If you’re using the latest generation Android phone, you can easily identify the directions using any compass app.

Compass apps usage Magnetometer sensor to identify your correct direction.

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9. Use Youtube Dark mode

YouTube dark mode

Youtube officially launched the dark mode feature for Android & desktop PC.

There are several benefits of using dark mode, few of them are, it saves your phone’s battery and protects your eyes from blue light as well.

Open Youtube app on your Android phone and tap Account user logo from the top right corner then tap Settings > General > Dark mode > Toggle to turn on.

10. Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode

WhatsApp dark mode

We were waiting dark mode update for WhatsApp & Now It has been released officially. To enable WhatsApp dark mode, Open WhatsApp Settings >> Chats >> Themes >> Dark. To know how to enable dark mode update on WhatsApp Web, read this full post.

11. Root your Android Device

You could not access Android phones as an administrator until you root your device. You can install/uninstall system apps, install TWRP, flash custom ROMs, and make your device faster using the Greenify app.

Click here to know how to root your Android phone

12. Backup your installed Apps

Backup Android Apps

Sometimes, we just need to format our device because of some reasons. If you reset your device, it simply erase your all data from the smartphone and we need to install that app from the play store again.

Using some Android hacks & tricks, you can easily backup your Apps & files into any external storage using any App backup & restore app. So next time when you format your device, do not forget to take a backup first!

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13. Sync all Contacts with Google

It’s very important to make a cloud backup of your all contacts so that if you lost your device or deleted all the contacts somehow, you will able to restore that easily.

Sync Google Contact with Google

Google Contact is one the best cloud solution to backup all your contacts on your phone. All you need is open your phone’s contact app and move all your contacts to your personal Email id and make sure you have enabled Sync option.

14. Use MX Video Player For Better Experience

You should always use an advanced video player app like MX Player. It has so many features that your default video player doesn’t have such as pinch in/out. kids lock, wake lock, and other advanced feature.

Using MX Player, you can play almost all type of video formats include 4K as 60Fps. Read this blog to know all features of MX player

15. Sync your Images with Google Photos

Back All images with Google photos

Google Photos, where you can backup unlimited photos and view them whenever you want.

First download & install Google Photos app from the play store and launch the app. Then open Google Photos’ settings > Backup & sync > Enable Backup & Sync. Now whenever you capture a new image on your device, it will take a backup into Google Photos automatically. However, it requires internet connection to take a backup.

16. Track your Android Phone

Find Android Location (Best Android Tricks & Hacks)

Using this Android trick, you can track your Android location very easily. To track an Android device, download find my device app from the play store then enter your email & password that you have used to sign in with your Android phone. It will show all the connected devices with your Gmail account, choose your device and track the location.

Using Find My Device, you can play a sound, lock your device, or even you can erase your Android device remotely. However, in all conditions, your both devices must be connected with internet.

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17. Use Guest Mode on your Android Phone

You can this feature to protect your data from others. For example, Sometimes, your friend need your smartphone for whatever reason and you put your smartphone into his hand without caring your privacy.

You can use Android Guest Mode to create a new virtual copy of your Android OS. It makes a fresh clone of the Android device but other user cannot access your personal photos, videos, and other private data.

To enable Android Guest Mode, Goto Notification bar >> Tap on Avatar logo from the TOPSelect Add guest. That’s it.

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There are some other Android hacks & tricks that you can access using some cool Android apps that we’ll cover in later.

For now, enjoy these Android tricks. If you have any questions regarding to this article, the comment box is open for you. Or feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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