10 Best Battle Royale Games for Android and iOS

Battle royale games are quickly getting more popular on mobile platforms. A massive number of users have been attracted towards mobile gaming when it was launched for the first time on the mobile platform. And, some of them even have made their careers in this field as esports gamer. Every battle royale game involves a set of similarities such as different types of weapons, various game characters, maps, survival, etc. As of now, there are thousands of battle royale games available in the app market, however, only a few of them are interesting. Here I’ve compiled a list of the 10 best battle royale games for Android and iOS you should play once.

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Here are the 10 best battle royale games for Android and iOS you should’ve played

1. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile: Battle royale game

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) Mobile is one of the most popular battle royale games for Android and iOS. You can download this game from Google Play Store or App Store for free. The game features hundred-player battle royale matches on a large map where you’ll be landed on the ground, loot guns, bullets, health kits from buildings. You’ll have to kill your enemies to service and get the first place ‘winner-winner chicken dinner’ in the game. It includes five large maps along with several arcade modes (such as Team Death Match, Mini Maps, etc). The game allows you to change the character appearance, outlook, and graphics quality from low settings to ultra HD. It’s the full-of-action game on your phone right now.

Download from Google Play Store

2. Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale is a fight for survival multiplayer battle royale game. It’s an animation-based third-person shooter game. In this game, you have to land on a map with 32 other players and fight for survival. You can also invite your friend and play duos with him. The game survival lasts about 3 to 5 minutes only with full of continuous battle. There’s a variety of guns in this game to knock out your enemies such as sniper, shotguns, AR, SMGs, etc. You can download it from Google Play Store or iOS Store right now.

Download from Google Play Store

3. Fortnite Mobile

Fortnite Mobile

Fortnite is a fantastic multiplayer shooting & crafting game. It was released in 2017 by Epic Games company. The game characters are cartoon-based but the features make the gameplay so much fun. You’ll find a very similar gameplay experience like other battle royale games such as different characters, emotes, outfits, and royal pass, etc. The game will land you on a map with 99 other players where you’ve to loot and fight for survival. The game has some special abilities to deal with your enemies. It’s not available on the play store, however, you can download it for your device from the official Fortnite website. You may like the Top 8 Android Games You Should Play in 2021.

Download from Google Play Store

4. Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is game of 50-player battle royale. The game will land you on a remote island where you’ve to fight against 49 other players to become the winner. There’s a variety of guns available such as pistols, ARs, SMGs, Snipers, Shotguns, Machine gun, and a Launcher to engage with your enemies. You can invite your friends and make four players squad and also easily communicate with them while in the game. The game also offers 4v4 mode for your gun practice. Get it on the play store and iOS store.

Download from Google Play Store

5. Rules Of Survival

Rules Of Survival: Best Battle Royale Games For Android

Rules Of Survival is free to play online multiplayer battle royale game for Android and iOS. 300-players drop on a huge 8×8 km map in a solo queue. It has all the basic battle royale features: land, loot, and shoot your enemies. The map shrinks quickly and players emerge in a single fight. The last survivor wins the game. You can join a match with your friends or play the solo map. Honestly, it’s very similar to PUBG mobile. You can download Rules Of Survival from the play store or iOS store.

Download from Google Play Store

6. Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter is a Chinese Sci-Fi battle royale video game developed by NetEase Games. The game is meant to run smoothly on mid-range and high-end devices. PUBG players should play this game once. The gameplay is very similar to the PUBG mobile. You can queue with friends or join solo. You’ll drop on a map with your opponents and loot guns, medkits, etc from buildings and engage with enemies. It has very high graphics quality, simple controls, and also a training mode arena. You may like How To Enable Game Speed Booster in Xiaomi Smartphones [MIUI 11 features].

Download from Google Play Store

7. Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction is a recently launched battle royale game for Android and iOS. It’s one of the best alternatives to Fortnite. The characters and gameplay are very similar to Fortnite. 100-Players jump into a map and land on buildings to loot the guns, health kits, etc. Similar to Fortnite, you can craft your own buildings and protect yourself from enemies. Other features include easy controls, different characters and outlooks, multiple guns, etc. Must try this game if you want to try something new.

Download from Google Play Store

8. Call Of Duty: Mobile

Call Of Duty: Mobile battle royale games

After PUBG, Call Of Duty mobile is the second most popular battle royale game for the mobile platform. It supports 5v5 multiplayer TDM and 100 player battleground match. The physics used in this game is very similar to PUBG mobile or any other battle royale games. The game smoothly runs on mid-range devices even with high graphics. The game has very easy controls and a gyroscope feature which can be enabled from settings. You can unlock different characters, guns, and weapons to use in your games.

Download from Google Play Store

9. Knives Out

Knives Out

Knives Out is just a fighting and shooting game. It is developed and released by NetEase Games company. Hundred players land on a map where 5-players each in a group. The game is full of rush and fights with your opponent’s enemies team. It features a 50v50 team fight mode that sounds more fun to play. The maps and graphics feel like the most perfect clone of PUBG mobile. The game is only around 90 MB. You can easily run this game on your 1GB or 2GB smartphone at good frames per second.

Download from Google Play Store

10. Hopeless Land

Hopeless Land battle royale games

Hopeless Land is a fight for survival game inspired by PUBG Mobile and rules for survival. It has better graphics, better controls, and better weapons to fight. The game lands you on a remote island with 119 other players where you have to fight with your enemies to survive the map and become the winner. Similar to PUBG, a ring around the map protecting from outside radiation closes until all players emerge into each other for fight. There are various characters, weapons, outlooks, skins, present in the game. Also, it’s one of the best PUBG alternatives right now you must play.

Download from Google Play Store

Final Thought on the Best Battle Royale Games for Android and iOS

If I’ve missed any games you can tell me in the comment section. Also, you can share this article with your friends and family that would only take a few seconds.

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