10 Best File Sharing Apps For Android Phones in 2020

It is essential to have a fast file transfer apps that lets you share your files, documents, and other files at the highest speed without any break. There are so many Android sharing apps available on the play store that guarantee you to share files at 10MB/s speed but only a few of them are actually do. SO I have brought 10 best file Sharing Apps for Android in 2020

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Best File Sharing Apps For Android


  1. SHAREit
  2. Xender
  3. ShareMe(MiDrop)
  4. XShare
  5. Send Anywhere
  6. Easy Share
  7. Superbeam
  8. AirDroid
  9. Zapya
  10. Portal
  11. Sendo

1. ShAREit

SHAREit: File Sharing App For Android

ShAREit is a very popular file sharing app for Android in 2020. Currently, it has 1 Billion+ downloads from the play store. Through SHAREit, you can share any files such as photos, videos, apps, documents, etc. It is the fastest file sharing Android app which can give you the highest speed up to 20M/s. It is available for cross-platform (Android, Apple, Windows) as well. The size of this app on the play store is about 31MB only.

To pair two devices WiFi & Hotspot is required, Once it’s connected you can share files from both sides such as apps, videos, audios, other formats. The music player is integrated with a powerful equalizer through which you can increase bass and treble label. Now you can use it to watch online videos and you can offline those videos to watch later as well.

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2. Xender

Xender: File Sharing App For Android

Xender is the top second most popular WiFi file sharing app for Android. Currently, it has more than 100 million downloaders in the world. You can quickly share all types of files including apps, contacts, photos, and many more by dragging and dropping techniques. When connected, both smartphones can share files with each other without reverse connecting again.

It is 200 times faster than the traditional Bluetooth share. There’s a new feature in Xender, is you can convert your videos formats into audio format. It comes with less annoying ads compare to the SHAREit app. Like the above one, Xender is available for cross-platform devices such as Android, iOS, Windows PC, macOS, etc.

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3. ShareMe(MiDrop)

ShareMe (MiDrop) is one of the best file sharing apps originally built for Xiaomi MIUI devices but as soon it is published on the play store, it got hit over 100 million downloads within a very short time.

It’s an ad-free WiFi file sharing app for Android devices. You can use ShareMe to share all types of files at a very high speed. More like other apps, once connected, you can share files from both sides. Along with that, you can resume your failed or interpreted file transfers.

It can reach up to 50M/s speed between two Xiaomi smartphones and 40M/s in non-Xiaomi smartphones which is 3-times faster than Shareit. ShareMe approaches a very simple & clean design, you can connect devices using WiFi within a step only. Now you can download its PC version as well.

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4. XShare


XShare is a very fast WiFi transfer app for Android smartphones. Like the above sharing apps, you can download & install it directly from the play store or the given link. The size of this app is about 9MB only.

It uses the most convenient way QR code scanning process, in which you have to scan the QR code of the sender or receiver to make a connection. Once connected you can share any file at a higher speed up to 20M/s. It has not many irritating ads like ShAREit.

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5. Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is a popular file-sharing Android that has been downloaded more than 10 million times from the play store. You can share your files such as Audio, Videos, Docs, Apps, and more within a single click. This app has a very simple user interface with Send, Receive, history, and “My link” options only. To share files, you just need to scan QR code with another Android phone. You can instantly record audio and share it with each other.

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6. Easy Share

Easy Share

Easy Share is an ad-free and one of the third best file sharing apps for Android available on the internet. It makes the connection between two smartphones very quickly using WiFi and Hotspot. Like all the above app, you can use it to share your files at the maximum speed. You can share any file of any size. The sharing speed reached 40M/s which makes it the second-fastest sharing app after Mi share.

You can make the fastest clone of your older smartphone within a minute only. Easy Share is an official sharing app for Vivo smartphones.

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7. Superbeam


Before the SHAREit app, Superbeam was the very popular Android file sharing app. It takes the minimal storage of about 12 MB only. Just scan the QR code and let set go. You can share files including folders as well as system apps. The simple layout makes it easier than any other above apps. It has only two meaningful options that are Send & Recieve only. In this app, You get the dark theme and light theme both.

If your Android smartphone has NFC, you can use that to share files at a very fast speed, within a second you can clone your smartphone, or you can share your all files.

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8. AirDroid


AirDroid is a widely cross-platform support file sharing app available on the play store. If you looking for most functional sharing app, AirDroid be your first option, you can use to share media files and other files as well as it can be used for messaging, Remote access control of Android device directly from your PC, even you can use it for calling as well.

When connected to your Android phone to PC, you can directly backup your smartphone photos to the connected PC.

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9. Zapya


With 50 Million+ downloads, Zapya is a very popular and fastest file sharing app among cross-platforms. Once connected across devices, you can use it to share files, docs, and apps, etc. It allows you to select multiple files and send that together. You can make a clone instantly of another Android device and directly install apps from there.

10. Portal

Portal is a very good WiFi file transfer app releases on Jan 16, 2015. The current version is v1.3.3. its developers always push new updates with such new features. You can download & install on any Android phone above Android KitKat.

Using the Portal app, you can share your storage files along with entire folders at once. Shared pictures are automatically moved to the gallery app.

11. Sendo


There are two Android apps of the same name Sendo, one it file transfer app another one is online shopping app. So you don’t be confused, download this app directly from the given link only.

Though it’s not so popular app, have only 50K downloads from the play store, Sendo works really well. It makes the connection between two smartphones very strong so that sharing not be interrupted in between. After the successful connection, you can share all types of files like files, APKs, etc and you can request for sending apps from one to other apps as well.

It has the inbuilt app backup & restore feature directly to your internal storage or memory card.

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How which app have you found one of the best file sharing apps for Android smartphones in 2020? Comment down. Here we have listed 25 best Android apps that your smartphone should definitely have, click the link & read that. Don’t forget to share this blog with your friends.

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