5 Best Google Chrome Alternatives in 2020 (updated)

Google Chrome is a very powerful and lightweight browser made by Google, Apple, & Microsoft developers. It quickly loads the website even if the website size is too big. Also, it provides many functionalities and features which a user can use to utilize their browser. Such features are dark mode, extension support, secure browsing, etc. To know more about it read these:

What if you don’t like the Chrome browser. So worry not! there are still some powerful internet browsers which can compete with Chrome browser. So as you might have guessed let’s start it with heading 5 best Google Chrome alternatives that you want try once

List Of Google Chrome Similar Browsers

1. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best internet browsers which you can download and install on your laptop or tablet. It’s an open-source browser and was developed by Mitchell Baker. The browser can easily load and handle huge size website flawlessly. There are tons of customization settings options that you can use to change your browser look & feel.

You can download & install any extension you want. Other features include Enhance Private Browsing, Customize menu & toolbar, keep Firefox in sync, Download manager, Malware protection, Password manager, and lots of.

The only con I noticed the browser is a little heavy and takes a lot device resources which might be a problem for low-end users. Otherwise, if you want to have the most powerful browser and the best Google Chrome alternative on your laptop or tablet go with Firefox.


  • Fast and Most Powerful Browser
  • Open Source available on GitHub
  • Extension support
  • Available for Cross Platform

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2. Opera Browser

Opera Browser

Opera is a simple, clean, lightweight and fast browser. It’s is 100% free one can download this browser on his/her laptop or tablet from its official website. The browser is based on Chromium. Meanwhile, it contains some Google Chrome features along with additional features. It has a good page load time, fast downloading, extension support, and other stuff like that.

Besides that, It has inbuilt task manager, download manager, snapshot tools, speed dial, etc. Opera Turbo mode compresses the web page resources by 80% and delivers the first contentful paint in a matter of seconds. Also, Opera has a passwords manager where you can save your ID & Password securely.


  • 100% free to use
  • Opera Turbo Mode
  • Extension support
  • Password Manager
  • Snapshot tools

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3. Microsoft Edge

The best Google Chrome alternatives: Microsoft Edge

Microsoft edge the new version of internet explorer is an enhanced version of internet explorer. It was developed by Microsoft Corporation and you get this browser preinstalled with every Windows laptop. Earlier, the browser wasn’t really popular until the new version came into the market with new name Microsoft Edge.

Now the browser got an edge by continuously improving their performance & privacy security. Besides that, now it more looks like a Chrome browser and features are also similar. Such as True Dark Mode without installing any extension, Direct Share Button, take a customized screenshot with Embedded Screenshot tool, Download Manager, and other advanced features. So yeah! with these tons of features, you can prefer it using a Chrome alternative.

You can explicitly download this browser on your laptop or tablet.

App Features:

  • Inbuilt screenshot feature
  • instant share shortcut button
  • Dark theme support without any extension
  • Privacy security top priority
  • Available for Cross Platform

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4. Brave Browser: The best Google Chrome Alternatives

Brave Browser: The best Google Chrome alternatives

Brave is another open source, fast, lightweight and secure browser developed by Brave Software Inc. It was written in C, C++ and JavaScript programming language which makes it a lot faster than other browsers. You can download this browser on your Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and other devices.

The browser looks more similar to the Safari browser. Brave browser is the most secure web browser ever. It makes sure the users privacy security by integrating itself with Tor and providing a fully secured private browsing experience. It comes with a pre-installed adblocker feature which tracks irritating ads from websites and quickly blocks them.

Along with that, it includes every feature that a user needs to utilize their browser such as extensions, dark mode, customize startup screen, etc. The only con I noticed it has the support of a limited number of extensions. Other than this, you can use it as your default internet browser.

App Features:

  • Inbuilt adblocker to prevent ads
  • Privacy security top priority
  • The user interface is simple & clean
  • Similar to Safari browser

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5. Safari

Safari Browser

Unlike Microsoft Edge, Safari Browser is the default browser in Apple products such as Macbooks and iPhones. However, Apple has stopped the production for Safari on Windows which means you can’t download the latest security updates and other essential updates for Windows.

It’s neither too much customizable nor highly secure. But it does your basic jobs and browse websites efficiently fast. Along with that, you get a password manager and extension feature included. Still, the number of extensions is limited. So yeah! You can say it’s limited but a good Google Chrome alternative.

App Features:

  • Clean & simple layout
  • Powerful browser by Apple Inc.
  • Cross-platform support
  • Free to download

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Bottom Line

These are some top 5 best Google Chrome alternatives that anyone can download and install on any platform. All the above listed browsers have similar features such as extension support, fast browsing, fast downloading and password manager, etc. I hope you like this article. To support our website share this article with your friends & follower and make sure to follow me on social media platforms to get more connected.


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