7 Best Image Compressor Websites on the Internet

A good quality captured image always takes a good amount of storage from 1 to more than 10 Megabytes So taking so many pictures from smartphones camera may cause a low storage problem. But do you know? you can compress the image size to its half or more than that without losing the quality of the image.

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Why Do we need to compress image size?

There may be several reasons for compressing image size. For example, if you have a blog website always uses a compressed image, or, if your smartphone has low storage you can compress the image size to make its size smaller, etc. You can compress the image size using the software as well as online from a website. Today in this article, there are some unique websites that will do a great image compression job for you.

7 Best Image Compressor Websites

1. Compressjpeg.com

If you search for an image compressor in Google search, Compressjpeg is at top of the search list. Compressjpeg.com is a really well-built website where you can compress the JPEG, PNG format images as well as PDF documents too. Here you select multiple photos at the same time to compress them and can download them directly into a zip archived file.  

2. Compressnow.com

If you are looking for the most efficient image compressing website then compressnow.com might be your favorite option. Here you can apply different compression levels from 1 to 100. Generally, I recommend you stay with 20% level to get good compression as well as good quality of the image.  Also, you can compress a bunch of images at once and download directly into your device.  

3. Imagecompressor.com

Imagecompressor.com is similar to the first above website that uses the same compression technique to compress the image quality. However, this is a great option for you to compress image sizes without losing the image quality.  

4. Jpeg-optimizer.com

On jpeg-optimizer.com, along with compressing the image to a smaller size, you can resize the image’s height & width as well. The website layout is very simple, all you need is just choose an image and it will take a second to upload and then choose your compression level and image width and click optimize the image. That’s it.  

5. www.iloveimg.com/compress-image

ILoveimg is the best user-friendly image compressor website. you can simply drag or drop or select the images from the hard drive and then click compress, the compressed image will be downloaded automatically.

6. www.ps2pdf.com/compress-jpg

It’s another great website for image compressing. There’re two options to compress an image, customized or default. In customized compression, you can resize the image and manually select the compression level whereas, in default mode, you don’t have to do anything. For better image compression, I would suggest you to choose a customized method.  

7. Resizeimage.net

Resizeimage.net is the most customizable image compressor site you can choose to compress your image size as well as resize it from the selected area. Other features like rotating your image, make background transparent, select the image format, etc provide very ease to customize the image more deeply.

8. Websiteplanet.com

Website Planet that will teach you how to build a website and some other website related tutorials. Along with that, it provides you image compression service that you can use to compress your huge size images into less than a few kilobytes. All you need is to open this website from the given link and drag your files to upload which takes a couple of seconds to compress your images. And then you can download your image directly from there.

Conclusion On Best Image Compressor Websites

I hope you like these 7 best image compressor websites. I personally use the compressnow.com website that is very user friendly as well as has a very good compression algorithm.

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If you have any questions or queries, let me know in the comment box. I’ll be there to help you.


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