The 15 Best Music Player Apps For Android!

Android smartphones always come with a default music player app which is considered as an underrated music player. They don’t have many good features and functionalities such as equalizer, add lyrics, song tag editor, sound enhancement, etc. However, you can get these features using a third-party music player app. There are plenty of music player apps available on the play store having a cool user interface and with all other recommended features. Here we’ve listed down the 15 best music player apps for Android that will change your music experience.

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Best Music Player Apps For Android

  • Musicolet
  • Pi Music Player
  • Aimp
  • Black Music Player
  • PowerAudio Pro
  • n7player
  • Poweramp
  • Frolomuse Mp3 Player
  • Elon Music Player
  • Rocket Music Player
  • Pixel Player
  • Impulse Music Player
  • Shuttle Music Player
  • JetAudio HD
  • Pulser

Pro tip: Using a better headphone or earphone with these music player apps can blast together.


Best music player apps for Android

Musicolet is the best music player app for Android. This app can play your locally stored Mp3 song files and gives you full control over it. You can do some basic operations such as creating a playlist, play all sorts of song formats, etc. Also, you get some essential song controls as well such as multiple queues, powerful equalizer, earphone controls, etc. It has also support for Android auto. The dark theme is included and the app contains literally no ads in its UI.

Price: Free

Key Features:

  • Ad-free Offline Music Player
  • Simple, lite yet powerful
  • Dark Theme Available
  • Under 3MB Size

Pi Music Player

Best Music Player Apps For Androidd

Pi Music player can another good choice for you. It has more than 10 million downloads along with 4.8 top ratings on the play store. Besides playing mp3 songs, it can do some other things too. It lets you to set a ringtone of a song directly from here. The app also can play Youtube videos in floating window player along podcasting and audiobooks.

There are a bunch of unique features such as embedded ringtone cutter, pi power share, edit meta of a song, set sleep timer, folder browsing, etc. You can also use built in 5-band equalizer to enhance the song quality. Pi music player includes 4 different themes, dark theme included. For more customizing option, purchase the premium plan.

Price: Free

Key Features

  • Audiobook support and Podcasting
  • Ringtone cutter included
  • 5-Band Equalizer
  • Dark theme

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Best Music Player Apps For Android

Aimp is a fully featured music player app for Android phones. It’s more better & simplified version than any other music player apps. The app approaches a very simple UI design, however, we can replace it with own custom themes.

It supports most music formats including Mp3, OGG, FLV, MP4, etc. It has also support Android auto and custom car PCs. The volume button of the phone can be customized to play music backward or forward. We get common features such as equalizer, timer, playlists, etc. We also get an option to control the speed of music playback.

Price: Free

Key Features

  • HTTP Live Streaming support
  • Custom Themes
  • Balance Control
  • Speed Control

Black Music Player

Music Player For Android: Black Music Player

Black Music Player comes with minimalistic design and smoothness. It is one the best music players for Android by far. It plays your locally stored mp3 songs and doesn’t require internet connection. Like any other music player app, it has the support for multiple song format, equalize, song tag editor, etc.

The black music player premium version offers a few more features that includes Android auto, wear, tag editor, widget, custom font and colors, etc. The size of this app is around 12 MB.

Price: Free

Key Features

  • Android Auto Support
  • Tag Editor
  • Widget Support
  • Powerful Equalizer

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PowerAudio Pro

PowerAudio Pro Music Player

PowerAudio Pro is a paid music player app which one can buy from the play store. The premium app brings some premium features as well. The first advantage of using this player is superb smooth feeling. You’ll not this kind of smoothness in any other music player app. It approaches a flat build design which looks cool. A inbuilt voice assistant lets you change the soundtracks very easily. Also, you can use inbuilt ringtone cutter and set the ringtone on your phone directly from here. The best thing we liked that the app is available in 40 different languages.

Price: Free & Paid

Key Features:

  • Best Design & themes available
  • Create playlists & add your favorite songs
  • Shuffle Playback support
  • Audiobooks support
  • Add & play songs in a queue,


n7player music player apps for android

n7player is an offline music player app for Android. Probably the most feature equipped app. From equalizer to the dark theme. You can browse the music directory and play the song directly from your file manager. You can use this app to play any music format and video format like Mp3, MP4, Ogg, Flac, etc. You can use your fingertip to change the songs through your smartphone’s fingerprint sensor.

Along with that, this music player app has a 10-band equalizer whereas all the above apps have only 5-band which lets you even more equalize sound quality. Overall its a great music player you can set as a default.

Price: Free

Key Features

  • Premium Features
  • Inbuilt ringtone cutter
  • 10-band equalizer

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best music player apps for android

Poweramp is a very popular music player app you can download on your Android phone. Now, let yourself feel in a music environment with full of bass & high-quality sound experience. You can enjoy all major features with Poweramp music player app. Some additional features are: Increase 200% Volume level, swipe left-right to change track, 3rd party skin support, and audio auto support, etc.

There are some more additional features you can access with full version Poweramp player which costs around 1.79 US dollars.

Price: Free & Paid

Key Features

  • Additional features
  • 3rd Party Custom Skin Support
  • Android Auto

Frolomuse Mp3 Player

Frolomuse is another cool looking the best offline music player apps for Android devices. Certainly, you can download it free of cost. Throughout all apps, It has some most beautiful designs ever. Along with that, this app doesn’t show any ads that might irritate you. Also, you can set the sleep timer if you a night musician that turns off music automatically according to the timer.

Price: Free

Key Features

  • Better themes and design
  • Sleep Timer
  • Free of cost

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Eon Music Player For Android

Best Music Player apps for Android

You can enjoy this fully featured Eon Music Player free of cost on your Android. Like Frolomuse, it got some unique beautiful UI too. Dark theme, light theme, blue theme, and other themes present in here which you can use to customize your favorite music player even more further. Also, it supports some similar features as well like tag editors, folder browsing, quick notification, etc. However, it’s on you which music player you choose for your Android.

Price: Free

Key Features

  • Folder Browsing
  • Quick Notification
  • Dark Theme
  • Smooth UI

Rocket Music Player

Rocket Music Player

Rocket music player comes with classic themes with simple UI and less useless options. It’s main purpose is to mp3 play songs within provided simple & easy interface. The app automatically organizes songs in categories by song album, artist, genre, etc. Also, Rocket Music Player has the abilities to add song lyrics, edit tags, create playlist, etc. And yeah! it supports Android auto and Chromecast.

Key Features

  • 30+ Themes
  • Equalizer


Decide yourself and choose your favorite music player apps for Android. If you ask me which is my favorite player throughout other apps, it would be Spotify all time, Since I don’t download songs for offline play.

Comment down for any questions also you can ask anything related to Android phones we will help until your problem solved.

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