10 Best Screenshot Apps and Tools For Android – No Root Needed

It’s very easy to take a screenshot on Android phones. You can capture a moment by taking a screenshot then share on social media with your friends. Android officially allows us to take a screenshot. The default method to capture a screenshot in Android is press & hold the power + volume down button simultaneously along with some other screenshot techniques. However, you can do more with a screenshot using screenshot apps on your Android.

Best Screenshot Apps For Android

Third-party screenshot apps give you some additional features. For example, you cannot take a screenshot then edit and share with your friends directly with the default screenshot method on android, but, you can do this within a second using a third-party screenshot app. So today, here we’ve brought you the 10 best screenshot apps for Android.


  • Screenshot touch
  • Screen Master
  • Assistant
  • Super Screenshot
  • Screenshot Pro
  • Screenshot Capture
  • Screener
  • Screen Crop
  • Screenshot Crop & Share
  • Touchshot

1. Screenshot touch

Screenshot Touch for Android

Screenshot touch is a very popular screenshot app for Android. Which lets you capture a screenshot from the notification panel or shaking the device. Also, you can share a screenshot with your friends directly. Along with that, this screenshot app allows you to record a videocast of the screen in MP4 format with many customization options such as bitrate, framerate, resolution, etc.

You can perform some editing actions on the screenshot such as crop in shapes, rotate, draw, etc. Other features are quite impressive such as scroll screenshot (For long-screenshot), whole web page capture, etc. This screenshot app is free on the play store, though it contains ads. The premium version removes the advertisement and enables a few more features.

Download Screenshot Touch App From Play Store


  • Touch Interface to Capture Shots
  • Record Videocast
  • Long Screenshot ability
  • Inbuilt Image Editor
  • Photo Viewer
  • Premium version available

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2. Screen Master

Screen Master screenshot tool

Screen Master is a masterpiece app on the play store for taking screenshots on Android. It does not require root permission to work with UI. You can take a screenshot on your Android phone with a floating button or by shaking your device. There are some other cool features that include web capture, long screenshot, QuickTile, etc.

The screenshot app also includes editing tools. You can clip a part and edit into inbuilt image editing tools and then share it with your friends. It supports all basic image formats including PNG. You should try this app once.

Download Screen Master App From Play Store


  • Capture Screenshot in high quality
  • PNG Support
  • Inbuilt Image Editor
  • Long Screenshot Support
  • Web Capture Support

3. Assistant


It’s time to take the advantage of the Google Assistant. Yes! you can use the Google Assistant to take screenshot on your Android phone. To do that, just open the Assistant app and say “take a screenshot” which takes a screenshot and saves directly into your gallery. Best part is, you don’t need to install Assistant app explicitly on your phone, most Android phone already support it.

Download Google Assistant From Play Store


  • Easy to Use by Voice Command

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4. Super Screenshot

Super Screenshot for Android

Super Screenshot is an easy to use screenshot app for Android. It can take a screenshot by pressing buttons from your phone and save into external SD card storage. Press phone’s buttons for 2 seconds to take a screenshot. Later, you can resize, crop, and apply some filter on the screenshot.

The app is available on the play store and you can install it without any charges. It works perfectly fine with Android 4.0 or above.

Download Super Screenshot App From Play Store


  • Easy to Use
  • Android KitKat Support
  • Screenshot Filters
  • Completely Free

5. Screenshot Pro

Screenshot Pro

Screenshot Pro is a premium and one of the best screenshot apps for Android. It costs around USD 2.99. The app lets you capture a shot from the notification panel directly. You can preview the screenshot, change image format, cut the status bar area, etc. Also, you can toggle this tool into a quick panel area.

Download Screenshot Pro App From Play Store


  • Trial Version Available
  • Cut Status Bar From Screenshot
  • Notification Panel Toggle
  • Show Preview
  • Create Shortcut

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6. Screenshot Capture

Screenshot Capture

Screenshot capture is another easy to use app that lets you capture a screenshot from your Android phone and save into your phone’s gallery. The app enables a floating window, you can click on it to capture a shot. You can also move the window across the touchscreen on your phone. Along with that, the app has the ability to toggle another app shortcut into a floating window for quick access. You can add the camera app or chrome browser to access it faster.

Download Screenshot Capture App From Play Store


  • Simple User Interface
  • Floating Button
  • One Touch Screenshot
  • Add Shortcuts

7. Screener


Screener is the best screenshot tool recommended for bloggers. This screenshot app includes more than 100 different smartphone frames that can be applied to a screenshot directly. The smartphone frame includes 3D frames, flat design, minimal design, and even smartwatches frames too. The app also lets you choose custom background color, blur the background, render frames, etc.

Download Screener App From Play Store


  • More than 100 Smartphones Frames
  • 3D, Flat, and Material Designs
  • Shadow Support
  • Live Rendering Support
  • Easy to use for bloggers

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8. Screenshot Crop & Share

Screenshot Crop & Share

Screen Crop & Share is a very popular and useful screenshot tool. It can clip a part of the screen of your smartphone. This screenshot is beautifully designed and offers a lot of useful features such as a long screenshot, full screenshot, direct social sharing, edting tools, cut the navigation bar, copy texts from screenshot, etc. There are some experimental and demo features you can try them as well.

Download Screen Crop & Share App From Play Store


  • Crop then Screenshot
  • Read Texts From Screenshot
  • Experimental features
  • Direct Social Sharing
  • Screenshot Editing Tools

9. Screen Crop – Quick Settings Tile

Screen Crop

Screen Crop is a 1 Megabyte size premium screenshot app that has dual ability. It can capture screenshot along with screen recording. You can toggle the app shortcut into the notification panel and take a quick screenshot.

Download Screen Crop – Quick Settings Tile From Play Store


  • Android 9.0 or Above
  • Easy to Use

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10. Touchshot

TouchShot Android ScreenShot App

Touchshot allows Android users to take screenshot by simply touching the screen. It can high quality screenshot with image preview feature. Other features include screen recording, inbuilt image editing, direct sharing, etc.

Download TouchShot screenshot App on your Android From Play Store


  • All Basic Screenshot Tool
  • Inbuilt Screen Recorder
  • Change Quality Settings

Bottom Line

Taking a screenshot on an android phone is a pretty easy action. We’ve mentioned total 5 methods to take screenshot in Android phone. Despite default methods, screenshot apps can be useful some time. I hope you like the 10 best screenshot apps for Android. If you’re interested in more like these articles then you can follow us on social media platforms and subscribe to our website.

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