21 Best Telegram Tips & Tricks You Should Know (2021)

Telegram always has been a solid cross-platform messaging app and the best alternative to WhatsApp that respects your privacy. The platform is often very similar but offers much more features than any other messaging apps out there. For instance, you can create a telegram group of 200,000 people, lock your conversations, create channels, and more. There’s hundreds of reason to use Telegram messenger over other messaging apps. In this article, we’ll discuss the 21 best telegram tricks you should know.

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Here are 21 Best Telegram Tips & Tricks You Should Know:

1. Choose a Username

Best Telegram tricks

A username feature on Telegram allows anyone to find someone by their username. You can pick your own public username that will allow other Telegram users to find you by your username & contact you and it won’t be necessary to tell everybody your mobile number.

To do this, open Telegram on your Android phone or iPhone (whatever you’re using) and go to Settings from the hamburger icon then, pick a username from the second top option and tap to the right symbol to confirm it. Now, you’ve successfully created your own username on Telegram.At the bottom of the username section, you can find the chat link that you can share with your friend & family to contact you directly.

2. Organize Chat into Folders

Organize Chat into Folders

If you’re using Telegram, you may be following so many channels and have so many individual chats mixed themselves. This telegram feature lets you organize your individual chats and channels into a group folder or label.

If you want to do that, go to Telegram settings from the hamburger icon then, select the Folders option, tap on Create New Folder and choose Contact, Groups, Channels, or individual chats and tap on the right symbol. Here you can rename the folder then, click on save from the top right corner to be done. These folders also can be deleted or organized in order from the same section.

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3. Message Preview

Message Preview: Telegram tricks

Message previews are as useful as other features, but sometimes you do not want to show up your message notifications to other users while having your phone in their hands. Telegram lets you turn off message preview and hides chat notifications. To disable this feature, open Settings > Notification and Sounds > Turn off In-App Preview from In-app notifications.

4. Enable Secret Chat

Enable Secret Chat

On Telegram, the Secret chat feature enables end-to-end encryption and lets you chat with your friends or family more securely. While you secret chat, it leaves no traces on the Telegram server, supports the self-destructing message and doesn’t allow message forwarding. To start a secret chat, open Telegram app > tap on the hamburger icon and open New Secret Chat then, choose a contact and start chatting.

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5. Message Self-Destruct in Secret Chats

Message Self-Destruct in Secret Chats: Telegram Tricks

You can set a Self-Destruct timer in your Telegram secret chats that will delete your chat conversations along with images automatically when the time out. Unfortunately, Self-Destruct feature is available only for secret chats. You can enable this feature in your secret chat from three vertical dots > Self-destruct timer > Choose a time from one second to one week.

6. Change Theme and Color on Telegram

Change Theme and Color on Telegram

Unlike other messaging apps that have only two themes, Telegram gives you multiple options to choose a theme and change message color. Along with that, you can do many other customizations in your chats such as change message text size, custom chat background, chat list view, auto-night mode, enable animations, stickers and masks, and many more. To do this, open Telegram settings then select Chat settings, and do the rest accordingly.

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7. In-Built Image Editor and Video Editor

Use Image Editor and Video Editor

This is one of the best telegram tricks ever. For Telegram users, you don’t have to edit photos using a third-party app. You can choose then edit the image or video using an inbuilt image editor and video editor before sending to your friends or family. It includes feature image crop, drawing, latest stickers & gifs, texts, video enhancement, HD+ effect, and more.

8. Lock Your Conversations: Best Telegram Tricks

Lock Your Conversations

There are tons of inbuilt security features provided in Telegram messenger and its one feature lets you lock your conversations using a passcode or your fingerprint. Open Telegram settings and go to the Privacy and Security option. Here you can pick a Passcode Lock and enable Unlock with Fingerprint option. Now, it will ask to enter the passcode or fingerprint verification to access conversations inside the app.

9. Two-Step Verification

Two-Step Verification: Telegram Tricks

It’s a very similar feature as you get in other messaging apps, such as WhatsApp or Signal. Two-step verification adds an extra security layer on top of Telegram and ensures no one can access your account on any other device without your permission. You can enable this feature from Telegram > Settings > Privacy and Policy > Two-Step Verification.

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10. Telegram Bots

Telegram Bots

Bored with the usual stuff? Talk with Telegram bots. There are so many bots available on Telegram to talk with them. You just need to search bot names in messenger using @ such as @stickers, @vid, @gif, @githubbot, and more. Then, tap on activate and talk with them. Here you can look at the list of Telegram bots on the bitdegree.org website.

11. Saved Messages

Saved Messages

You can save important messages into the saved messages folder to share or forward with other peoples more quickly. To do that, open a chat > select a message then, forward the message and click on saved message. Now, the message will be saved and can be forwarded or shared with other people from saved messages folder.

12. Create Channels on Telegram

You can broadcast your message to millions of people through Telegram channels. To create a channel, tap on New Channel from hamburger icon > Give a name and description to your channel > Choose your channel to public or private (public channels will be shown in search list and private channel won’t) > Set a permanent link > Choose Contact and click on arrow icon from the bottom left.

13. Edit your Sent Message

Edit your Sent Message: Best Telegram Tricks

There are very few messaging apps such as Telegram, which lets you edit your sent messages and correct your sentences or spelling mistakes. To do this, open a chat and long press on a message then, tap on the pencil icon from the top, re-edit the texts and correct the spelling and then send it again. You can do this same thing on a message multiple times.

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14. Delete Sent Message

Delete Sent Message

It happens all the time when we send a message to someone that we don’t want to send. Fortunately, Telegram has also the feature to delete sent messages from everyone similar to WhatsApp. To do so, just long-press on a message and tap on the delete icon from the top then, select ‘Also delete for user” option and tap delete. It will delete the message from both sides: sender & receiver.

15. Search People Nearby: Best Telegram Tricks

Search People Nearby

For those users who don’t have friends on Telegram can use this trick to search people nearby belong to their location. To search people nearby, open Telegram and go to contact section from hamburger icon then, tap on Find people nearby. Allow the location permission and it will show you people belongs to your location. Don’t worry, your chat will not be listed there until you don’t make yourself visible. To do that, you can use Make Myself Visible option from the same section. Your mobile number will be still hidden from other users.

16. Send Message Without Any Sound

Send Message Without Any Sound

Telegram is a feature-packed messenger and one of its features allows you to send message to someone without ringing any sound on the receiver’s phone. This feature is useful if you don’t want to disturb your friends or family for a non-important message. To send a message without any sound, simply open a chat and type something then, long press send button, choose the second option Send without sound

17. Create A Poll in a Group

Create A Poll in a Group

It’s a very useful Telegram feature that lets you create a poll or quiz on group for a survey. To do this on your group, just open the group conversation area and tap on the share icon then, choose the Poll option. Here you can ask a question and add several polls or you can enable Quiz mode and Multiple answers options from the bottom for a quiz.

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18. Send Photos Without Compressing

Send Photos Without Compressing

Unlike other messaging apps, Telegram gives you an option using that you can send uncompressed photos without changing the extension or send as a document. You just need to select the media file and choose ‘send without compression’ option from the three-dot menu. That’s it. You can do the same thing with videos as well.

19. Stop Auto Media Downloading

Stop Auto Media Downloading

People with limited internet data should use this feature to stop auto media downloading and save their data & phone storage. Just open Telegram on your phone > go to settings > data and storage > toggle to turn off the following options: When using mobile data, When connected on Wi-Fi, When roaming. After that, you will have to download each media file manually.

20. Enable Keep-Alive Service

Enable Keep-Alive Service

Keep-alive feature in Telegram lets you keep the service turned on even in the background or when you clear the app from the recent menu. It will still able to send message notifications. This feature is enabled by default, however, you can enable it manually. To enable it, goto Telegram settings > Notifications and sound > Toggle to enable Keep-Alive Service and Enable Background Connection.

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21. Stop Auto Media Play

Stop Auto Media Play: Telegram Tricks

Telegram automatically plays videos and Gifs whenever you get through a chat. However, you can easily disable this option and stop auto media play. Just goto Telegram data & storage settings > turn off GIFs and Videos option in Auto-play media section.

Bottom Line: Telegram Tips & Tricks

I hope you guys like this article on the 21 best Telegram tricks. Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram does not collect user data for company use and has such a strong privacy policy. In fact, Telegram is one of the most trustable messaging apps available right now. If you know some other tricks that we haven’t mentioned here, you can comment down or contact us directly.

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