20 Best WhatsApp Tricks and Hidden Secrets

WhatsApp is one of the most used messenger apps in the world due to its simplicity and its features. There are some hidden WhatsApp tricks that normal users don’t have idea, so today we have decided to take you through these best WhatsApp tricks and introduce you to some untold Whatsapp features. Without wasting our time, let’s get into the post

Warning: These tricks can make you WhatsApp genius so try it on your own.

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20+ Best WhatsApp tricks are as follows:

1. Use Dark Theme

WhatsApp Dark Mode Best WhatsApp tricks

Recently, developers rolled the dark mode update in global version WhatsApp. Now, WhatsApp users can switch to the dark theme over the traditional light theme. To use the dark theme, Go to WhatsApp > Three verticle dots > Settings > Chats > Theme > Dark. After that hit back button and that’s it. This is the same procedure for iPhone devices. Now WhatsApp Web has also the support of the dark theme, click here to know.

2. Two-step verification

whatsapp two step verification

Two-step verification enhances your WhatsApp security with an additional security pin. When you log in to the WhatsApp in a new smartphone or after clearing the phone’s data, you need to verify WhatsApp with an OTP but with two-step verification, you will be asked to enter your four-digit security pin to access your WhatsApp account. To turn on two-step verification, Goto WhatsApp > Three-verticle dots > Settings > Account > Two-step verification > Enable > Enter 4-digit new pin > Enter Email and confirm it > Done. You’ve successfully enabled WhatsApp two-step verification. It makes sure that no-one has accessed your account.

Later on, you can change the email address and you pin or simply you can turn off this feature. To turn off this feature, go to two-step verification setting and tap disable.

3. Hide Last Seen

WhatsApp trick to hide last seen

Many WhatsApp users still don’t know how to hide their last scene. WhatsApp users who have saved your mobile number can see what was the last time you go online on WhatsApp. You use this WhatsApp trick to hide your last seen. Goto WhatsApp > Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen > Choose My Contact or No-one. Choosing My contact option will allow only those peoples to see your last seen which contacts you have saved on your smartphone.

4. Share Live Location

Share Live Location

You can share your live real-time location with your friends & family. Quickly open your friend’s chat then tap on the share button and tap location then tap Share live location. You can set the time limit for WhatsApp live location from 15 minutes or 1-hour to 8-hour max. You can stop live location anytime before the given time period with a simple tap on ‘stop sharing‘ option. However, live location expires automatically after the specified time is over.

5. Enable Fingerprint Lock

Lock WhatsApp with fingerprint

It’s a new WhatsApp security feature that you can use to lock WhatsApp with your fingerprint scan without having any third-party app. Here’s what you need to do, open WhatsApp > Settings > Account > Privacy > Fingerprint lock. Tap on fingerprint lock and toggle it to enable then scan your fingerprint and it’s done. You can specify unlocked state time that means once it’s unlocked using fingerprint it will relock your app again after a certain time. From here, you can specify either you want to show contents (messages) in the notification bar or not.

6. Hide Blue Tick

Hide Blue Tick

WhatsApp single-tick indicates that your message has been sent and double-tick means the user is online now and blue-tick indicates the message has been seen by the receiver. But in case if you don’t like to show your blue-tick on the sender’s smartphone then you should definitely use this WhatsApp trick to hide blue tick. To hide your blue tick, open your WhatsApp settings > Tap Account > Tap Privacy > Toggle on Read Receipts. You can enable it anytime when you want.

7. Request Account info

Request Account info

Now, you can request WhatsApp to get your detailed WhatsApp account information. This information could be helpful to transfer your WhatsApp account to another phone or swapping your transferring your account to another number. To get it, Goto WhatsApp > Settings > Account > Request Account info. It may take more than two days to deliver the account info to you. According to WhatsApp, chats are not including in this info.

8. Use WhatsApp on PC

Use WhatsApp on Desktop using WhatsApp Web

Well, you can use WhatsApp on your computer or PC. There are two main ways to do this, using WhatsApp Web you can access your WhatsApp account in any secured browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc or you can install WhatsApp desktop app in your Windows OS. It’s available on Microsoft store free of cost.

9. Change Chat Font Size in WhatsApp

Change Font Size on WhatsApp

Who they can’t see or read small texts, actually, they can change their font and increase the chats font size to large as well. It’s very easy to do, let me show how. Open your WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Font size. Usually, it set to the default but you can change your font size to small, medium, or large. If you have a visibility problem, I prefer you to choose largely, it will make the font size much bigger and easier to see.

10. Change WhatsApp Language

Change WhatsApp Language

English is the default language of WhatsApp. Aside from that, it has 11 different language support you can any of them in which you’re comfortable. To change WhatsApp language, open WhatsApp > Settings > Chats > App Language > Choose your preferred language.

11. Backup your WhatsApp chats

Backup WhatsApp Chats

Keeping a hard backup of your chats conversations is important so whenever you switch to a new smartphone or perform a device factory reset, at least you can restore all the deleted chats though it doesn’t back up your media files. Here’s how to create a hard backup copy of your chats

  • Open “WhatsApp” (duh!)
  • Tap “Chats
  • Go to “Chat Backup
  • Click “Backup

It will take a second to create a backup file in your internal storage. To view your backup files, open your phone’s file manager > Go to WhatsApp folder > Open Backup folder. Here we’re! all backup files is saved here.

You can backup your all conversation into Google drive from WhatsApp > Chats > Chat Backup > Google Account > Add Gmail.

12. Delete All your chats in one Click

Delete All your chats in one Click

People who have multiple WhatsApp groups or thousands of WhatsApp friends, they usually have thousands of tons of useless chats conversations. Chats do not only increase the App size but also slow down the WhatsApp performance and Android performance as well. —Here’s how to boost Android performance.
Deleting all those useless conversations one by one may take several minutes, in some cases, it may take more than an hour. What if I tell you a WhatsApp trick to delete all the chats within a single click only. Go to WhatsApp settings > Chats > Chat History. There are four different options

  1. Export chats
  2. Archive All Chats
  3. Clear All Chats
  4. Delete All Chats

Choose ‘delete all chats‘ option to clear all the chat conversations.

13. Use Low Data on WhatsApp calling

Low data usage during calls

Enable this option if you think WhatsApp takes high internet data charge during the WhatsApp callings & chatting. Enable it from WhatsApp > Data and storage usage settings > Low data usage.

14. Mute a Chat or WhatsApp group

Mute WhatsApp chats

Some WhatsApp groups or friends send annoying messages very frequently that sometimes irritate too much especially when you are doing some important task. To prevent these types of notification you can mute the conversation or mute a WhatsApp group. To do that, open WhatsApp > Open a conversation or group > tap on name > Mute notifications > turn it on.

15. Turn Off Media Downloads

This feature is enabled by default in WhatsApp. When someone sends you media files, it downloaded automatically without letting you know. If images and files download automatically it will full your smartphone’s memory at some certain point for sure. Turn off this option from WhatsApp Settings > Data and Storage Usage > In Media Auto-Download Section untick every option you see. –Here’s 11 tips to boost your smartphone performance you may like it.

16. Pin your chats

A WhatsApp user can pin chats on the top over all other chats so that you access them quickly. You just need to tap & hold a chat and tap pin icon from the top. You can pin up to three chats only.

17. Share Image without losing quality

Whenever you share the images through WhatsApp, it compresses the size along with image quality. That’s why people receive blurry pictures. However, there’s a way to send pictures without losing quality. All you need is just send pictures as a document. Here’s how, Open a Chat > Tap Share icon > Tap Documents > Choose Image (You can choose multiple images) > Tap Send.

18. Hide WhatsApp Chat’s or Group’s photos From Gallery

WhatsApp users share tons of useless pictures into your smartphone and sometimes memory gets full with these trash pictures unless you have larger capacity. Anyway, you can hide WhatsApp pictures from your gallery. Quickly open WhatsApp settings > Tap Chats > Turn off Media visibility.

19. Delete WhatsApp sent message from Everyone

It’s been a long time, WhatsApp has been introduced to us ‘delete message from everyone‘ feature. Now WhatsApp users can use this feature to delete a message even if it has been sent to someone. To delete a sent message, quickly open chat conversations >tap & hold the sent message > tap delete icon > Choose delete from everyone. This feature has some limitations as well, you can read it from IndiaToday’s article.

20. Send Text Messages in Bold, Strikethrough, and Italicize

This is one of the best WhatsApp tricks you can use to send WhatsApp messages in bold, underline, italic, and other styles without using a third-party app. Here’s how

For Bold:  Use Asterisk(*) before and after a message. For example, *message*  and send.

For Strikethrough: Use tilde(~) before and after a message and send it. For example, ~message~.

For Italic: Place underscore(_) just before and after the message. For example, _message_

For monospace: Type any message under three backticks (“`) just like this, “`message““ and send it.

You can use these combinations for bold+italic, italic+strikethough, monospace+bold, etc.

21. Hide Chats on WhatsApp

You can hide WhatsApp chats officially, well, that’s not a proper way to hide chats however it works. Tap & Hold the chat and tap archive symbol (it looks like download symbol). Now the particular contact will be moved to a separate folder name ‘Archived chats‘. Again, as I said this is not a proper way to hide chats.

22. Block Someone on WhatsApp

You can easily block someone on WhatsApp to prevent incoming messages and other person can’t see your image as well. Quickly open a chat > tap three dots > tap more > hit block. You can unblock it later from here and WhatsApp settings. To do so, open WhatsApp settings > Account > Privacy > Blocked contact > Unblock.

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23. Use Dual WhatsApp in one Phone

If you’ve Redmi phones, you don’t have to install third-party apps from the play store. You can use dual apps from the phone’s settings for dual WhatsApp. If you have other brand’s smartphones, I’m not if there’s an option for dual apps or not. However, you can use the ‘Parallel Space‘ Android app for dual WhatsApp. You can use this app not only for WhatsApp but also for all the apps.

24. Mark Message as Favorite

You can mark a message as a favorite from the WhatsApp chat conversation so that you can view that message directly without scrolling through the old conversations. Open a Chat then Tap & hold a message and click on Star symbol. To view all the favorite message, open WhatsApp > Tap verticle 3-dots > Select Starred message.


I hope you guys like these best WhatsApp tricks and WhatsApp hidden settings. If you have any questions or queries ask me in the comment section and Don’t forget to tell me Which one is your favorite trick?

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