Top 18 Best YouTube Tricks and Tips For Internet Geeks

We all know Youtube is the largest video content provider over the internet. Which contains tons of videos on any topic. Here one can become a creator and post great video contents, also, he/she can monetize his/her videos. These are the basic somethings that all Internet users usually know. Here are the top 18 best YouTube tricks and tips that only Internet geek knows.

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  • Download Youtube videos without any software
  • Watch Youtube videos without ads
  • Create a playlist on Youtube
  • Save videos for watch later
  • Use Youtube dark mode
  • Make GIFs of Youtube videos
  • Create a poll card in a video
  • Add effects on your videos from youtube
  • LiveStream on Youtube
  • Promote Your youtube videos
  • Use # while searching on Youtube
  • Share videos from the selected duration
  • Use YouTube kids
  • Find YouTube channel quickly
  • Clear Youtube search/watch history
  • Watch Youtube videos in a floating window
  • View the subtitle of the Youtube videos
  • Use Google Trends for SEO

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Top 18 Best YouTube Tricks

We have explored mostly Youtube settings and mentioned some untold tricks you never know. Let’s start from the basic one

1. Download Youtube videos without any software

Yes, it’s true. You can download Youtube videos very easily without installing any third-party applications. To download a YouTube video add the “SS” keyword in the URL of a Youtube video after “www.”. Read this article for detailed guidance —How to download Youtube Videos [100% working].

2. Watch Youtube videos without ads

We have gathered one of the best Youtube tricks and yeah! this is the second trick you must know. Too many ads in every Youtube video can frustrate any viewer. You can easily stop displaying these pesky ads from every Youtube video. You just need to install this adblocker extension in your Google Chrome browser or any other browser and this app will do the rest of things. However, you must look this extension’ settings for better ads control.

3. Create a Playlist on YouTube

Playlists are usually created for organizing the videos in a better way. Youtube creators must create a playlist and organize their videos according to the topic. If you do this, there’s a higher chance of ranking youtube videos in top search and also, it looks better. It can help viewers to go through each of your playlists and play them what they want.

Create Playlists From Android App:

  • Open YouTube app
  • Choose a Youtube video and click three-dot
  • Click on save to playlist then click NEW PLAYLIST
  • Name the title and click on create.

That’s it. Youtube Playlist has been created.

Create Playlists From PC:

  • Open YouTube in Chrome browser
  • Choose a Youtube video and click on three-dot
  • Click on save to playlist
  • Then select create a new playlist. Name it whatever you want and set the privacy to public or private or unlisted then click create.

4. Save videos for Watch later

Top 18 Best YouTube Tricks and Tips For Internet Geeks

  Save videos to watch later playlist so that whenever you can watch those videos in free time. You can access the watch later tab from the Youtube library section & play the videos.

5. Use YouTube dark mode

To enhance your viewing experience & reduce eye strain, you should enable Youtube dark mode. Here’s how to do it with Android phone & Desktop PC

Enable YouTube Dark mode in Android Phone:

  • Open Youtube app on your Android phone
  • Tap on your profile logo
  • Open settings
  • Tap on General
  • Enable the dark mode option

Enable YouTube Dark Mode on PC

  • Open Youtube from Chrome browser
  • Click on Profile logo
  • And click on dark theme
  • Under the dark theme section, toggle to turn on dark theme

That’s it. You’ve successfully enabled dark mode on your Android & PC both.

6. Make GIFs of YouTube videos

This is another cool Youtube tricks that one can use to make a GIF of any of Youtube video by adding the “GIF” keyword in the URL of a video after “www.”. This will redirect you to another website where you can download gid in various formats. Read this tutorial Three Ways to Convert a YouTube Video To GIF with better guidance.

7. Create poll cards in videos

This trick is helpful only for Youtube creators. You can create poll cards for donation links or a survey or one of your Youtube videos links. Here’s how to do it

  • Open Youtube creator studio
  • Choose a video to add polls and click Edit
  • Click cards from the top
  • Again Click poll from the top
  • Click add cards then click create
  • Name the title of polls with having some choices
  • Set the start timing of the poll cards 
  • and click create card.

8. Add effects on your videos from YouTube

There are a few effects that you can add to your Youtube videos directly from YouTube. Follow the given steps:

From Android app:

  • Open Youtube app on Android
  • Click on camcorder logo from the top
  • Choose a video to upload
  • Click on effect logo from the top
  • Now, you can choose & apply one of the video effects and then upload it

  From the PC

  • Choose an uploaded video from the video manager
  • Click on Edit
  • Click on enhancement. Here you get some advanced options such as Custom blur effect, blur anyone’s face, and trim your video, etc.

9. Live Stream on Youtube:

As per Youtube rules, you can’t go live until & unless you don’t have 1000 subscribes on your channel though. However, you can do gaming streaming without having enough subscribers. For more details, read this tutorial —How to LiveStream on YouTube step by step method.

10. Promote your Youtube videos

Youtube allows you to promote your videos to more people to gain more subscribers, views, and likes. Their video promoting plans are very cheap which one can easily purchase. Visit AdWords for Youtube to promote Youtube videos.  

11. Use of # while searching on YouTube

Use # (hashtag) for better searching on Youtube. Using # (hashtag) will show only those filtered search result which has video has included the tag. For example, #pubgmobile will search only those videos which have included the same tag.

12. Share YouTube videos from the selected duration

Share the Youtube videos from the selected time duration. Unfortunately, you can not do this from the Android/iOS app. It can only be done with Chrome or any other browser. Here’s how

  • Play a Youtube video from Chrome browser
  • On the bottom of the video, click the share icon
  • Set the start & end timing and share it anywhere or anyone

13. Use YouTube Kids

You may familiar with YouTube kids. As the name suggests, YouTube kids are made considering the Kid’s privacy & kids’ videos. Since YouTube contains 18+ video or abusive content that maybe not good for your kids. That’s why to get away your kids from these types of videos Google made YouTube Kids. Download it for your Android or iPhone from the store.

14. Find Your Channel Quickly Youtube trick

If you just started a channel, It might be a little harder to find your channel on YouTube. Use this Youtube trick to find your channel quickly. follow the steps:

  • Open Youtube from Android or Chrome browser
  • Search your channel name
  • Click filter from the top
  • Choose the channel as a type

That’s it. Now all the channels from the name that you searched will be shown below.

15. Clear YouTube search & watch history

As we know it get stored everything that we search or watch on YouTube. You should always clear your private searches & watch history from Youtube to make yourself more secure. You can also pause Youtube watch and search history.

From the Youtube Android app:

  • Open Youtube app > Click the profile picture
  • Open setting > Click history & privacy
  • Click Clear Watch History and Search History

From the PC

  • Open Youtube from Chrome browser
  • Click History from the right sidebar
  • Click watch history and then click click Clear all watch history
  • Now click search history and then click Clear all search history

16. Watch Youtube Videos in a floating window

Youtube has tons of feature that let you watch videos more comfortably. In Computer PC, While you’re watching a Youtube video you can’t browser other listed videos until you don’t know this feature. You can minimize a playing Youtube video into small window by clicking on the mini-player logo or simply pressing I from the keyboard.

17. View the subtitle of the Youtube videos:

Subtitles are basically a text format whatever a person is speaking in his/her videos. If you can’t hear clearly or language is different you can try reading subtitles. To enable the subtitle of Youtube steps are as follows

  • Open a Youtube video from chrome
  • Click on settings logo
  • Click subtitle 
  • Turn it on.

Note: Not all Youtube videos support subtitle.

18. Use Google Trends for SEO

You might heard Blog SEO, it’s Youtube SEO. People do SEO to rank their web pages on the first page of Google & You can do SEO to rank your Youtube videos on top list. Use Google Trends to better SEO for your Youtube channel.


Thank you so much for scrolling to the bottom. I hope you like these top 18 best YouTube tricks and tips. Comment down for any question or query and don’t forget to share this post.

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