11 tips to boost Android smartphone Performance

In the previous article, we have discussed that how you can improve your Android smartphone’s battery by following some tips & tricks.

There are so many reasons of slowing down the performance of an Android smartphone. For examples, Android is too old, low RAM & ROM, Full storage, etc. Today, we’ll look each problems and try to solve all of them to get the maximum performance from an Android phone. So, as you might have guessed, I bring my 11 smartphone tips to boost your Android performance instantly.

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Here are my 11 tips to boost your Android smartphone performance

Follows these smartphone tips to get the better Android performance result.

1. Uninstall unused apps

Delete unused apps from your Android phone

This is one of the reasons why your Android performs really slow. Generally, people install tons of Android apps on their smartphone even when they are not using them. Having too many apps not only takes storage but also slows down the performance. Just go to your smartphone settings then manage apps and uninstall those apps that you’re not using currently.

Your Android contains some system bloatware as well that you can not remove easily. However, I’ve made a separate article to remove these types of apps, you can read that from here —How to Uninstall System Bloatware From Android Phones.

2. Keep some storage free

If your smartphone has a large storage capacity, the chances are it will not lag too much. This is because there will be lots of free spaces in memory to load apps resources. Whereas, there’ll no space to load the resources if your phone has low storage capacity. That’s the main reason for slowing down a smartphone performance. Always make sure that your smartphone has 3GB to 4GB memory free in ROM and slightly less in RAM.

To free your storage, you can delete the junk files and unnecessary files including useless WhatsApp photos, videos, thumbnails, etc.

3. Update Android OS

Update Android OS

Smartphone always gets better with every Android update. An update contains new features, bug fixes, optimized performance and other improvements. So, always keep your system update to get security updates and overall improved system performance.

However, sometimes an update may contain a huge bug but it happens rarely. You can take users feedback about the latest update and then decide whether you should install or not.

4. Do a Factory reset

After a long smartphone usage, it looses the performance overtime. Also, whenever smartphone software becomes too old, it loses the smoothness and performance as it was in the brand new smartphone. Which requires to perform a factory reset to fix some errors and clear all the smartphone logs from the memory. Well! there are many ways to reset an Android phone but you can reset your phone settings > backup & restore > reset.

Also, read here’s How to backup & restore apps before resetting your device.

5. Do not install speed booster Apps

do not Android booster apps

You can get tons of speed booster apps from the play store which promises to increase the Android performance within a single tap. NO! don’t install those types of apps. Instead, that will make your phone much laggier as a struggling launching apps. Also, they clear frequent cache memory which is on good for multi tasking. In a nutshell, do not use speed boosters.

6. Try new launcher

Best Android Launchers to boost Android performance

After using the default Android launcher for a long time cause some problems that slow down the smartphone performance. Well! there you have so many launchers on the play store. In my opinion, Nova is the best launcher. See if your Android performance increases after switching to a new launcher then stick with that otherwise follow other tips.

Here are the Top 10 Android Launchers You Must Try in 2020.

7. Clear Apps Data or Cache

An app increases its size when you start using it. And, sometimes size grows massive large to 1GB or more. Cache data are vital to load apps faster but creates problems when it stores than usual data that are no longer in use. And, it’s our responsibility to clear cache memory to free the useless filled storage. It makes smartphone fast as light. To clear cache of Android apps at once, go to Settings then tap Storage, choose Cache and delete them. Another way to do this, go to manage apps from settings and choose apps and clear data & cache one by one.

8. Insert SD card

Insert an SD Card to boost Android performance

You can add another storage memory card if you’re having a low storage problem on your Android phone. Along with that, move all your data including files, photos, videos, etc to the external SD card. As it will keep your phone storage free which results fast performance. However, you should always use a fast flash storage.

9. Increase Animation Speed

Increasing animation speed doesn’t directly increase the smartphone performance, however, it gives a feeling of fast performance. You can adjust the animation speed from Android developer settings. To get developer options, Goto settings > about > build number > tap 7 times.

Now, open developer settings and find these three options and set their value to 0.5 or turn it off completely.

  1. Window animation scale
  2. Transition animation scale
  3. Animator duration scale

10. Install Apps from trusted sources

Always install apps from a trusted source (e.g. play store). By installing an app from outside the play store may harm your Android device. Also, it may contains virus or malicious content that cause to slow down the smartphone performance.

If you’ve already installed third-party app and feared of virus, delete all apps, reset the Android device, and next time install apps from the play store only.

11. Stop auto-update from Apps

When you enable auto update service in the play store, it started to update the apps automatically in the background when you turn on internet data. That maybe a problem for low-end devices. It takes resources from device RAM and cause phone to hang or freeze. The same thing happens when you enable auto media downloading from WhatsApp. It’s always better to keep them turned off.


Here we have discussed how 11 tips to boost your Android Performance. If you want to know some more Android hacks, read these 15 Android tricks and hacks I am sure you will like it.


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