How to Change app icons on Android smartphones 2020

Using custom stylish app icons gives a fresh look of the smartphone. Every Android smartphone has a pre-installed default launcher and most of them do not support custom icons that makes it tough to do. However, using some Android hack and tricks you can easily change app icons that we have listed below.

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Methods to Change app icons on Android

There are only two main methods to do this, either using a launcher or using an app. There are so many cool app icon packs and launchers available for the Android phone that let us change the app icons within a few steps only. Here we have discussed how you change app icons using these two methods

#1 Method: Using NOVA Launcher or Any other launcher

As I mentioned above, using any highly customizable Android launchers you can change the app icons. In my case, I’ll use Nova Launcher which is the most popular Android launcher available on the play store. To start with it, first, download & install Nova launcher and set it as a default launcher. To do so go to settings tap Home and choose Nova launcher. In this launcher, you are free to change the app icon either within a selected app or all apps at once.

Change individual app icons

To change individual app icons in the Nova launcher, long-press an app, and select Edit from the popup menu. Once selected tap on the icon and choose a custom icon to replace it with that.

Again if you want to back the default icon long press app icon and select edit and choose the default icon.

Change All apps icon at once

Icons packs made it easier. Instead of changing app icons individually, it lets you change all apps icons within one click. There are lots of icon packs available on the play store you can choose any of them. Every icon packs contain different icon styles. So the first thing you need to do is install an icon pack on your Android. To do so search icon pack on the play store and download any of the listed apps. My favorite icon pack name in Pixel pie.

Change App icons on Android using icon Apps

Once installed, press and hold on the Nova launcher’ home screen and tap settings icon, go to look & feel then select icon style, choose icon theme, and choose the installed icon pack. From here you can change the icon shape to round, square, rounded square, etc, and change the icon animations as well. Go to the home screen again to view the changed icon.

#2 Method: Using an app

There are only a few apps that allow you to change the app icons on the home screen only. Go for the first method if you truly want to use the custom app icon. Apps such as awesome icons and icon changer are able to change the default app icon however they only have permission to access the home screen. That means any custom icon will visible only to the home screen of the launcher.


I have told you two main methods change app icons on Android smartphones. You can try any of the above methods but considering their ability go with the first method. It gives a new look to our smartphones and new user experience as well. Along with that, if you are facing low Android performance, read this article —11 tips to boost Android smartphone performance. If you are any questions or queries regarding this article, let me know in the comment box.

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