How to Make Your Phone Charge Faster: 8 Tricks and Hacks

How to Charge Phone Faster

Most new smartphones on the market now come with a large battery capacity of 5000mAh or 6000mAh. These batteries can easily provide 9 to 12 hours of backup time at normal smartphone usage, such as browsing, gaming, streaming, etc. However, there’s a limit to what the current battery technology can archive. Increasing the battery capacity beyond that will drastically thicken the smartphone and make it appear unpleasant. Instead, smartphone manufacturers are investing in those technologies which will let you charge your phone’s battery from 0 to 100% in less than 10-20 minutes. In this tutorial, I’ll explain the 8 working tips and tricks to make your phone charge faster, no matter if it’s Android or iOS.

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First, let’s measure your current charging speed:

charge your phone's battery faster

You can use this method to see how fast your smartphone is charging right now. To do that, you need to download and install a small application on your phone called “Ampere.” After installing Ampere, launch it like any other app, then plug your phone into a charger and wait a second until you see your current charging speed in the app.

Here are the 8 Best Ways to Charge Your Phone’s Battery Faster

1. Turn On Flight Mode

Turn Flight Mode On to Charge Your Phone Faster

Turning on the flight mode is the most efficient technique to make your phone charge faster. When enabled, it blocks all incoming and outgoing radio signals from and to other devices through your smartphone, leading to a significant charging improvement. However, you can not make phone calls during flight mode. Similarly, you can boost your charging speed by turning off the device’s connectivities such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Hotspot, Data connection, and so on.

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2. Do not charge your phone with Laptop

Don't Charge Your Phone With Laptop

Charging your smartphone with a laptop is a very poor idea. The battery charging speed mostly depends on the adapter output. The reason why you should not use your laptop is to charge your phone is very obvious.

A typical charging adaptor’s output ranges from 20 to 55 watts. A laptop, on the other side, only produces 3 to 5 watts of electricity, which is far less than the power adapter. That’s why it’s better to use a charging adapter instead of your laptop.

3. Stop Background Running Apps

Background apps are one of the key reasons why your smartphone’s battery percentages drops so fast. To disable background apps, go to your smartphone’s RAM management settings and disable them, as well as delete any unnecessary apps you don’t use.

4. Stop Using Battery Savers

I recommend you to ignore the battery savers Android apps entirely. On the market, there are hundreds of thousands of battery savers that do nothing but drain your smartphone’s battery. 

When you run an app on your phone, it creates a temporary file in your phone’s cache memory, which your CPU then utilizes to load the app faster in the future. However, installing a battery-saving app does a number of things on your phone to slow down its performance:

  1. It runs in the background and consumes a significant amount of RAM.
  2. Monitor other apps usage.
  3. It often clears cache memory, putting a strain on the CPU.

So you know what to do now, right? Avoid the use of battery savers. Instead, you should use the built-in power-saving mode on your Android or iOS devices.

5. Use A Fast Charger To Charge Phone Faster

Use A Fast Charger

Most smartphone manufacturers provide a low-power 10-watt slow charger in the box, which charges your phone really slowly. But, you can upgrade your 10-watt slow charging adapter with a fast charging adapter and charge your smartphone battery faster. There are several types of fast adapters on the market; nevertheless, you should get one that matches the specifications of your device.

Here are some fast adapters that you can buy for your phone.

  1. Mi 18W Fast Charging Adapter you can get it under 499rs.
  2. Super Flash 18W Quick Charge 3.0 –under 990rs.
  3. Stuffcool Type C Power Bank with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0

6. Stop Charging your Phone while Gaming

Do Not Charge Your Phone While Gaming

Even when the phone is hooked on the charging board, some dedicated smartphone gamers want to play games all the time. You’re hurting not only the battery but also the internal components of your smartphone by doing so. While your phone is charging, it generates a lot of heat, and overheating your smartphone battery can seriously damage it, diminishing its overall life expectancy. As a general guideline, I advise leaving your smartphone in standby mode while it is charging.

7. Turn On Power Saving Mode

Enable Power Saving Mode to Charge Your Phone Faster

Both Android and iPhones include a built-in battery saver, commonly known as power saver mode. You can extend the battery life of your smartphone by turning on power-saving mode. To do it on Android, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Saver > Tap to Enable Power Saving in Android. For iPhones, go to Settings > Battery > Turn Power Mode on to activate the power-saving mode.

8. Shut Down Your Smartphone Completely

Shut Down Your Phone

At last, you can turn off your smartphone completely to get the fastest charging speed. At this stage, you cannot use your smartphone functions.

Pro Tip: Don’t let your smartphone’s battery drain completely to 0%. It reduces the battery’s life span quickly.

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Conclusion: Best Ways To Make Charge Phone Faster

Follow these 8 charging tips and tricks to charge your phone’s battery at maximum speed. If you’re still facing low charging speed probably, your device might have an internal issue or adapter issue. Thanks for reaching us. Subscribe to our website for the latest updates and Android tips. Also, follow us on social media where we can chat with each other.

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