3 cool ways to Create GIF from a YouTube Video

GIF stands for graphics interchange format which was developed by American computer scientist Steve Wilhite in 1987.

GIF is an image format that allows us to create animated images. Basically, it is like a short soundless video which plays automatically itself when opened. By using GIFs on social media platforms, you can gain more followers or get more likes, views, etc. Moreover, a GIF image can be created very easily, even, you can create GIFs with simple PNG or JPEG images.

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In this tutorial, I’ll show 3 cool ways to create GIF with a Youtube video. Also, you can download those images into your file manager and share with your friends. So let’s start it from the top.

Way 1. Using Secret Keyword

How To Make GIFs of a YouTube Video 2020

You can convert a Youtube video into GIF directly from official website using a secret keyword. To do that, follow the given steps:

Steps are as follows:

  • Open YouTube on any browser
  • Then open the Youtube video link which you want to make GIF
  • Once the link opened, go to URL bar and add “gif” right after “www.” and hit enter.

It’ll redirect you to another website. Where you can choose the video starting and ending point for creating a GIF image. Now click on create GIFs and then download on your computer or smartphone.

If you’re using YouTube app, then follow the given instructions one by one:

  • First, play a YouTube video from the app
  • Tap on the Share button and copy the link
  • Paste the link into browser’s URL bar and search
  • After the video page loaded, copy the URL again
  • Then, Add “Gif” keyword after “www. ” and enter again
  • From here you can create GIF image for a selected duration.

Note: If you’re visiting the website for the first time, it may require sign up to download GIF image.

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Way 2. Using Gifs.com

How To Make GIF of a YouTube Video 2020

Gifs.com platform offers a very easy useful tool through which anyone can create GIF image from a Youtube video. Also, you can download GIFs images as well. I recommend you to the second

Steps are as follows:

  • Open gifs.com on your smartphone or desktop browser
  • Then go to Youtube video and copy the URL
  • Now, paste the URL into gifs.com website and click on create GIF

That’s how you can easily create GIF animated image from any Youtube video. Using this website, you can create GIFs of another platform video as well by just copy pasting the video link. Note that, purchase premium plan to remove the watermark from GIFs.

Way 3. Using Gifrun.com

Gifrun website

Gifrun is another cool website that allows you to convert a Youtube video to a Gif image. The method is so simple and similar to the second way.

All you need a video link from any source including YouTube video and paste the link to the site. Here’s how

Steps are as follows:

  • Visit the Gifrun website on your preferred browser
  • Then, copy the YouTube video URL
  • Paste the link to the search box on Gifrun website
  • Choose video ending & starting point
  • Click on create GIF
  • Goto bottom of the site and download the image.

Finally, You have completed the tutorial on how to create Gif image from a YouTube video. Thanks for reading. I hope you understood it well. If you’ve any questions regarding this tutorial or our website, ask me in the comment box. Also, follow us on social platforms. We’ll be in touch there.

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