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Welcome to Android Guest. We allows everyone to show their skills on Androidguest by writing a Guest post and share their knowledge to thousands of readers. Also, we helps other blogger for link building by providing them a branding backlink. Read further to know more

Why Guest Blogging?

Guest Blogging can help your business or website in many more ways. You can make tons backlinks that create referral to your website which significantly increase the number of visitors on your website. Also, it helps to boost your writing skills and open lots of opportunity for you.

So that’s why we offer you to become a part of our website. To get eligible for guest post you must pass these rules & regulations

Rules & Regulations

  • The topic must match our website niche which is “technology”. Such includes how to Android, Android Apps, MIUI, Smartphones, Root tutorials, etc.
  • Make Sure the content you’re submitting is unique and not posted on my or others’ website already.
  • Use proper and not copyright images on your guest post.
  • The article must contain 1000+ words.
  • The guest post shouldn’t look like self-promoting or brand promoting.
  • It shouldn’t contain affiliate links.
  • Do not include more than one link of your website in the body of the post.

How to Submit Guest Post

You can write article on Google Docs or Microsoft word and email us. It may take a few days for validation process.

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