How To Add Code Snippet in Blogger/Blogspot

Blogger is a very beginner-friendly user interface for the blog writers and there are not such any advanced settings and plug-ins available. The code snippet is essential when we start a new blog on the programming niche but on Blogger, there’s no official support of code snippet. In order to enable this feature, we have place some code in our template source code or use another one method.
Don’t afraid of codes, this is going to be really simple even though if you don’t have any technical knowledge. Here we’ll know how you can add the code snippet on your Blogger blog in two ways

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1. Using Code Hiliter (Easiest Method)

How To Add Code Snippet in Blogger/Blogspot (Blogger Tutorial) is a code highlighter website you can use it to add the code snippet on your Blogger posts. Doing this is really simple, you just need to write code on the source code box and choose your preferred language and click highlight!. After that,Copy the HTML code from the right side box.   Once copied successfully, come on your individual post and click HTML now paste the code where you want to add the code snippet. The code snippet will look like this

#This is test Code

This is very easy to do. The above code you see is flexible with every type of Blogger templates. It resizes automatically according to the template.

2. Without Using External Code

How To Add Code Snippet in Blogger/Blogspot (Blogger Tutorial)

If you don’t want to copy and paste the code stuff like that, I would prefer this method over first above. You can use either <pre> or </code> HTML tag to add code snippet to blog posts.

For example, go next to the specific post and click HTML from the top left corner. Here you will see many HTML codes but quite understandable, you have to move your cursor blink to where you have to add code, add <pre> before text and add </pre> after closing the text. You can see the above image to understand it in a better way.   The second method for code snippets is not as good as the first method. First method supports syntax highlighting, automatically re-sizable, etc while other methods none of them support.

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I hope you have successfully added code snippets in blogger posts. Here we have written multiples of Blogger tutorials you can explore them.


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