How To Enable Dark Mode in Android Phone

The dark mode is continuously getting more fame due to its incredible benefits such are battery saving, eye protection, and cool look, etc. Now every platform including WhatsApp, Facebook. Youtube, etc launching their dark version. It is more beneficial for the OLED display smartphone cause as their technology says, OLED displays do not blinks black pixels meanwhile, now it will save more battery.

The dark mode is now officially supported with the Android 10 update. But unfortunately, There’s no official dark mode support for lower Android versions. Here, we will know everything related to Android dark mode

How To Enable Dark Mode in Android 10

If you’re using the Android 10 version, Congratulation! You got the dark theme officially inside your smartphone’s settings. Follow the given instruction

  • Goto phone’s “Settings
  • Choose “Display
  • Tap “Themes
  • Choose “Dark theme” to enable dark mode

That’s it.   

Enable Dark Mode Using Nova Launcher

Still, there’s no official announcement of dark mode for Android 9 or older version however we can manually enable it using the Android launchers that support dark mode. I found Nova launcher is the best for the dark mode, you can download and install Nova launcher from the play store.
Once you have installed the latest Nova launcher, follow the given instruction to enable dark mode

  • Goto the “Nova launcher’s Settings” 
  • Select “Integrations
  • Select “Themes
  • and Choose “Dark

That’s it. There are only a few unofficial ways to enable dark mode on lover version Android devices. 

The purpose of this tutorial was to inform you how to enable Android dark mode and I hope you have done it successfully. If you are facing any issue regarding this tutorial, comment down. If you find my tutorial helpful, please share it with your friends to reach every person cause it can save their eyes from being harmed.

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