How to find Serial Key of any software in 2020

A premium software contains premium features that a free software may not have that. But premium Softwares always required to buy them at a higher price to get the serial key number to activate that a normal consumer cannot buy. In that case, you may prefer to crack the software by trying several serial key numbers.

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There are tons of websites and applications claim that they have a real key number of premium software but only a few of them work really. Here I’ll show you how you can find serial key numbers for your software very easily and quickly.

These three methods to find serial key of any software are as following:

#1Method: Using method is a popular website that provides the original serial key numbers of any premium software. You have to just visit the website and type your software name in the search box then hit enter. Now, maybe several versions of your software will be listed there. You can try a few of them, mostly it works within 2-3 times try.

#2Method: Using “94FBR”

Using "94FBR"

  In this method, you only have type 94FBRafter typing your software name in Google search console and hit enter. There you can choose any website and if that doesn’t work then visit another website. You have to keep trying it until you don’t get the serial key number.  

#3Method: Using

#3Method: Using

Seralbay is another product key finder website similar to Follow the same method as you did with the first method.

  • Goto, website
  • Move your cursor to search box
  • Type your software name
  • Click on the link from the listed serial keys of  your software
  • Now there should be several activation keys you can try.

Here, I have written three working methods to find serial key of any software. With these methods, you can find the most premium software’s serial key very easily. I hope you like my article. You can support us by sharing my article on social media with your friends. 


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