How To Hide Files & Folder in Windows 10 Operating System

Windows is the most popular operation system since 19 November 1985 of its first release and now it has 1.5 billion active users. It becomes essential to hide our private files and folders to keep them secure from other users. It could be tons of reason to hide your files & folder such as private files, unreleased project documents or it could be anything. Reasons don’t matter but there should be a way to hide the files because we all know privacy matters. Everyone recommends us to keep personal information limited: don’t install pirated apps, make stronger passwords, install antivirus, etc to secure our privacy.

Hiding files is a bit complicated in Windows 10 OS compare to smartphone devices but don’t it won’t be much hard. In this article, we’ll know several ways to hide files and folders in the Windows 10 operating system.

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Hide folders & files by using attributes

It is the simplest way to hide folders & files using the attributes. Generally, there are two attributes present: read-only and hidden. Without further talking much, Now let’s move on to the tutorial

Step 1: Open “This PC” on your computer

Step 2: Open a folder and select a file that you want to hide from other users

Step 3: Once selected, right-click on a file

Step 4: From the menu, click on properties
Step 5: Go to attributes from the General section

Step 6: There should be two options available: Read-only & hidden. Tick ✅ hidden and click apply.

If everything is ok, your file should be hidden now. Apply the same method to hide your folders: Choose a folder then right-click on folder then Click on properties and set attribute to hidden. You must have a question, how can we see all the hidden files & folders on our computer? worry not, we’ll know every important thing that we should know.

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How to show hidden files in Windows

If you are using Windows 10 OS, it is so easy to show hidden files. Generally, there are two ways to show hidden files in Windows 10 and we know both of them (In explained)

First, we’ll know how to show hidden files directly from Windows 10 file manager

Step 1: Open “This PC” again

Step 2: Click on “view” from the top-left corner

Step 3: Tick ✅  on “Hidden items” option from the right menu

Here we are. You can see your all hidden folders and files with a faded icon.

Second method, Show hidden files through the control panel

Step 1: Open Control Panel (huh!)

Step 2: Search “File Explorer Options” and open it

Step 3: Click “View” from top

Step 4: Under the hidden files & folder, choose “hidden files, folder, and drives-ON“.

Step 5: Click Apply & Ok

That’s it. By following these processes, anyone can hide their files & folder without any external software tools. Here we post an article on a daily basis. If you are facing any issue regarding this article, comment down.

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