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YouTube is the biggest video content provider platform on the Internet. Here 5 Million visitors came each day and 300 hours of videos are uploaded every minute or 20,000 minutes every hour. Here you can get unlimited number of videos on any topic and watch them without paying any fee. Also, you can offline the videos to watch later without internet connection.

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How to Live Stream on Youtube

How to LiveStream on YouTube

Here you can do many things such as create your channel & post your content, also you can monetize your videos, etc. If you just started out a new Youtube channel you must want to go live to collect more subscribers & grow your channel. But, here’s a problem, you can’t go live without having 1000 subscribers. Wait, wait! don’t leave this tutorial if you don’t have enough subscriber. Read this article carefully where I have added trick to go live even if you don’t have a subscriber. So without wasting our time let’s get this tutorial

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Important: To get eligible for live steaming on you need to setup few things first. Go to your Youtube Channel > Creator studio dashboard > Embed live stream > enable. That’s it. It’ll take 24 hours to get ready for live streaming.

In this tutorial, we’re going to know How to go live on Youtube from an Android phone or PC/laptop

Live Stream on Youtube From Android Phone

There are two best ways for Youtube live streaming from an Android phone which are listed below:   

1. From the Official Youtube App:

You can live stream officially from the Youtube app from an Android phone if you’ve 1000 subscribers. You just have to follow the given steps as I mentioned below.

Here are the steps:

  • Open Youtube App on your Android Phone
  • From top of the Youtube app, click on the camcorder logo
  • Click on GO LIVE. It will take few seconds to stabilize a proper internet connection and then you’re ready to go.

2. From Omlet Arcade App:

Omlet Arcade is on of the best Youtube live streaming apps that allow anybody to create a custom live stream for free, even, if you don’t have enough subscribers. The only con is you can live your gaming streams only with a small face cam window. But still, it’s relevant.

Here’s how to go live on Youtube using Omlet Arcade

  • First download Omlet Arcade and install on your smartphone
  • Create a new account using a unique name (Note: This name won’t affect your Youtube channel name)
  • Tap on Plus sign
  • Then tap again on Go Live and allow Mic permission. There it is. Choose the game which you want to play and live and get ready to live

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How to Live Stream on Youtube from PC

For PC, you need some advanced knowledge to go live on Youtube smoothly. Just like the above one, here’s also two ways for live streaming.

First, make sure you’ve incredibly fast internet connection, web cam or a better camera installed on your PC laptop, and A Mic for communication. If you’ve already setuped these things then you’re ready to move further

1. Create A Live Event to Go Live on Youtube

You can create a live event of a time or date and easily live on that particular time or date. Here’ what you need do

  • Visit Youtube on Google Chrome PC
  • Goto Youtube Creator Studio Dashboard
  • On the left sidebar, Click on Live streaming
  • Click on Events > New live event. Fill the title, description, etc
  • Then click on Go live now. Now you’ll be redirected to the hangouts page. After initializing in few seconds you’ll be ready for live streaming

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2. From OBS studio app:

OBS Studio is one of the best live streaming apps for PC. Many professionals uses OBS Studio for their gaming live steaming. Since, it offers everything you need for a perfect high quality live streaming such as Powerful configuration option, Streamlined settings panel, Intuitive audio mixer, Real-time audio/video capturing and mixing, etc.

Since there are some very advanced settings here, you must watch this video for full OBS Studio setup.

In a Nutshell:

  • Download and install OBS Studio from here
  • Goto scene tab from the right bottom
  • Click on + (plus icon) and name it whatever you want
  • Now click on plus icon from the source tab
  • Now add a video capture device which is your webcam
  • Then add mic from settings. Watch the above tutorial video for full instruction.


Thank you so much for scrolling down. I hope this tutorial helps you to live stream on Youtube platform. If you face any issue or unable to go live on Youtube, please let us know in the comment box. We’ll help you for sure.


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