How to Root your Android Phone [2020]

Rooting gives you all control over your Android device that was previously handled by its developers. You can do anything after rooting from which you were bound due to Android security reasons. This includes installing custom TWRP recovery, flashing custom ROM, uninstall System apps, etc, you can use these once after rooting. In this tutorial, I will show you how to root your Android phone easily.

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Along with its pros, it has some cons as well that we should aware of. So before going to the actual section, let’s look at why you should root & why shouldn’t root your device

Why you should ROOT?

Rooting your device simply makes you administrator from user. You will have full control and you can do anything you want with your smartphone.

Here some advantages you got if you root your Android:

  • Delete System apps and bloatware from your Android device
  • You can Overclock or underclock your processor CPU
  • Lock your processor on a fixed frequency
  • You can lock network bands and increase internet speed on your Android phone
  • Change your device id as well as EMEI number
  • Install additional apps such as Greenify to improve Android battery life, etc.

Why you shouldn’t ROOT?

There’s always a loss behind every profit like it has. Here’s why you should not root your Android

  • The biggest con is, you will drop your smartphone warranty instantly as you root your device. Except some brands let you do it such as Xiaomi.
  • Your wrong step may corrupt your Andriod operating system.
  • Viruses can easily attack in your device.

How to Root your Android Phone?


There are various official & unofficial ways that you can use/try to get root access on your Android phone, one of my favorite & easiest methods is using TWRP recovery. That was very back in time when you could root your device using some Android apps such as KingoRoot, etc but nowadays, in modern smartphones, it doesn’t work likely. However, you can try rooting your device using Kingoroot as well. ButA today, we will always go for the easiest method i.e. using custom TWRP recovery.


Follow these given instructions to root your device:

1. Download Magisk or SuperSu Zip file that is specifically designed for your Android phone, flashing the wrong zip file may corrupt your device.

2. Press & Hold Power +Volume Down (-) button to boot your device into TWRP recovery mode.

volume & power key

3. Select Install and Choose Magisk or Su zip file then slide to flash.

Flash SU

4. If completed without showing error then you have rooted your device successfully.

For some devices such as Xiaomi smartphones, you need to flash file in advance to successfully reboot your device otherwise you might be stuck in the boot loop.

  • In TWRP, Select Install > Choose > Slide to flash > Reboot your device.

Bottom Line

Follow the above process step by step to root your Android successfully. If you face any issue during this process, ask me directly through comment box. Have a nice day:)

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