How to Stop Background Apps & Disable Startup Apps in Windows 10

In Windows laptops, Using task manager you can see there tons of applications running in the background even if all tasks are closed. These background running apps consume lots of resources of RAM which decreases the Windows performance and increases battery consumption as well. However, some system core apps needed necessary to run to function Windows OS properly.

In this tutorial I will show you how to stop background apps and startup apps in Windows 10 based laptops.

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How to stop background apps

Follow the given instructions to disable background running apps

  1. Open Windows 10 “Settings
  2. Inside settings, Click on “Privacy
  3. Click on “Background Apps” from the left sidebar
  4. Here you can choose apps to prevent or allow to run in the background. You need to turn off the toggle to disable background apps each time for each app. Alternatively, turn off Let apps run in the background option to stop all apps running in the background.
Stop Background Apps

I suggest you allow some essential system apps to run in the background such as Windows Security, Graphics Card, etc.

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How to disable Startup apps

Some applications automatically start running in the background as you boot your Windows operating system those are called ‘Startup apps‘. Some startup apps like audio service must be turned on to work laptop’s speaker from the starting. However, some unusual apps simply may not need to run on start. You can easily disable the startup apps from Windows settings. Here’s how

  1. Open Windows 10 “Settings
  2. Click on “Apps
  3. Click on “Startup
  4. Under Startup Apps, turn off the toggle switch to disable startup apps.
Disable Startup Apps

Right side you can see the impact of the startup apps. Here’s what is startup apps impact

These are such Windows settings you must look for. It can increase your laptop performance instantly. If you’ve any questions feel free to ask me the comment box is open. You can read about page to know more. Have a nice day:)

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