How to Uninstall System Apps from Android [Root or Without Root]

Android smartphones simply do not allow us to delete or uninstall system apps. There are some reasons why they do it and what are its pros & cons?.

System apps such as contact app, camera app, services and other Google frameworks, etc which are some required to function Android operating system properly.

If you uninstall any of above System apps, chances are your smartphone won’t function properly or fully corrupt your Android OS and that’s the main reason why users don’t have permission to uninstall System apps. But at the same time, there are some System bloatwares installed on your smartphones sending you useless notifications or pop ads may irritate you and you can’t uninstall these apps at least from settings.

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What the heck is Bloatware on your phone?

Bloatwares are those apps which are pre-installed at the time when you purchase your smartphone. Smartphone companies got paid by apps companies to advertise their application or game. So yeah, they do not install their own wish.

Most of these apps you can uninstall from settings > manage apps > uninstall app. But sometimes these are installed as a system app which makes it hard to uninstall from your phone.

Today I’ll illustrate you three main methods to install system apps from your Android phone so lets get start it

The Official method to uninstall system apps

Uninstall Android Apps: Official method

System apps or bloatwares are not easy to uninstall however you can give a shot to this method to check whether it works or not.

Open your Android phone settings then tap manage apps > choose your app > tap uninstall (if this option is not there tap disable). If you use disable option, will make app disappear from from app drawer or disable the app for no-longer used by system.

However, you can easily enable it again from Android settings > manage apps > choose your app > enable.

This isn’t a permanent solution to get rid of these bloatwares. When you factory reset your device, it will be installed again.

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Using System app uninstaller (Root Needed)

Mostly any system app uninstallers requires root permission to run successfully. Rooting your Android phone is an another way to uninstall system apps and access some brand new features that were not possible before.

I suggest you to explore our root category, where we have explored so many tutorial on rooting such as what is root & how to root your device, installing custom ROM, etc.

Anyway, coming to the our topic, if you have rooted phone it’s very easy to uninstall any app. Just follow the given instruction:

  • Open the play store
  • Search for system app remover and install on your phone
  • After installing then run this app on your phone
  • Tap Start and grant the root permission
  • Then choose any system app you want to uninstall from your phone (Note: Do not remove all the system apps that will crash your Android operating system)
  • After selecting, tap trash bin icon and click uninstall.
System app uninstaller for Android phone

Another very powerful multipurpose Android app you can use to uninstall system apps is Link2sd. You can download & install this app directly from the play store. Here’s how to use Link2SD

  • Open Link2SD app and grant the root permission
  • Then Choose a system app and tap three vertical dots
  • Tap uninstall and click ok.

You can also use this multipurpose app (Link2SD) to convert an user app to system app, system app to user app, move apps from internal storage to sd card, clear dalvik cache, reboot into recovery mode, and much more.

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Uninstall system apps from Android through ADB (No root required)

ADB (Android Debug Bridge) is a powerful command line prompt that is used to communicate to our Android phones from computer. We use ADB to send commands to Android, debugging apps, and installing apps into Android, etc from computer.

There are some certain adb commands that you can use to remove system apps and the best thing is, you don’t have to root your device. Here’s how to it:


  • A Laptop/Computer
  • Download ADB binary for Windows, Mac, or Linux
  • Have a normal IQ (Required)


Step1. First, download all above files and extract on your computer and remember the folder.

Download ADB files on your computer

Step2: Second, Go to Settings > About > Build number > Tap 7 times. Enable USB debugging from Developer option.

Step3: Then connect your smartphone to the computer/laptop using USB cable and put it on FTP or File transfer mode.

Step4: Open the directory where you have extracted the downloaded files.

Step5: Now, right-click on the mouse by holding down the Shift button from the keyboard. Then open Command Prompt console or Window PowerShell

Step6: Now type the given command and hit enter.

adb devices

Prompt the authorization request if you see on your smartphone.

Step7: Now Enter another command

adb shell

Step8: Enter the following command to uninstall system app from Android

pm uninstall -k --user 0 <package name>

You can easily find the application package name using app inspector or Link2SD app. Through this way you can uninstall apps without rooting your Android device.

Bottom Line

At the end, I would suggest you to root your device to get full access over your smartphone. But for now, use the above method to uninstall system apps from your Android phone completely. If you face any problems comment down. I’ll be there to help you.

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