How to Unlock Bootloader on Android Phone?

Nowadays, all Android smartphones come with locked Bootloader such as OnePlus, Samsung Galaxy, Xiaomi Smartphones, etc which creates a problem for those users who usually like to install new custom ROMs or TWRP because it simply doesn’t allow them to do that. In this tutorial, we’ll discuss everything about bootloader and how to unlock the bootloader on Android phones. So without any further delay, let’s get into the post

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What is Bootloader?

Bootloader is a set of instruction/code which activate automatically while booting the system. It checks and verifies all essential files & directories then loads them into the system. It’s not specifically designed for Android, it could be for any tech devices such as computers, tablets, etc.

Why bootloader are locked on Android?

The bootloader enhance the security layer of an Android phone by simply do not let you install custom ROMs, Rooting your Android phone, and other critical operation that could brick your Android OS. Even in some smartphones, you cannot flash official stock ROM if the bootloader is locked. If you perform these operations on locked bootloader Android phones, Android OS will refuse it.

While with an unlocked device, you can easily install custom ROM & Custom TWRP Recovery, Root your device, uninstall system apps & files, etc.

You can install such apps Greenify, SD Maid, Battery Doctor, and Xposed framework, etc to improve Android performance and customize the Android OS.

Risks Of Unlocking Bootloader

Risks Of Unlocking Bootloader

Beside looking its benefit, you must look another side as well. As a matter of fact, unlocking bootloader may harm your device badly. If anything wrong happens during this process, your Android may not boot OS back to normal. Here are a few more reasons why you should not unlock your smartphone’s bootloader

  1. As I explained, locked bootloader phones do not let you install custom ROMs or perform any critical operations, you simply allow these permissions after unlocking the bootloader.
  2. Android will perform factory reset operation in this process. So if you don’t back up your data before the process begins you will lose your data forever.
  3. Anyone can bypass passcode or pattern lock very easily.

How to unlock bootloader?

How to unlock bootloader

There is not a single method that you could follow for all Android smartphones, each brand approaches a different method for their smartphones to unlock the device. In this method, we’ll look for only stock Android smartphones such as Mi A2, Nokia 7.1, Pixel, Nexus, Moto G7, and other stock Android based smartphones.

Note: I’m not going to take responsibility if you harm your device.


  • A Laptop/PC/Desktop
  • Android Smartphone based on Stock Android OS
  • USB Cable
  • Internet Connection
  • Download latest fastboot tool from here
  • Little more sense

Follow these instructions to unlock bootloader of your device:

1. Backup your smartphone’s data

take a nandroid backup before bootloader unlocking

The first thing you need is to backup your smartphone data into another storage device, for example, into a PC, Pen drive, etc. It’s because this process will erase your all smartphone data and perform a complete factory reset.

2. Enable USB debugging & OEM Unlocking

Go to Android settings > About > Build Number > Tap 5-10 times to get developer option. Now open developer options from settings and enable this option then scroll down to USB debugging & OEM unblocking and then turn it on.

3. Reboot into Fastboot Mode

Reboot into bootloader to unlock bootloader

Press & hold phone’s Power + Volume up button (+) for 10-15 seconds to reboot your smartphones into fastboot mode.

4. Setup Fastboot Tools & Enter Commands

After downloading the latest fastboot tool, simple extract & install it on your computer. Then open this tool directly or open the fastboot folder and right-click from the mouse while holding down the Shift key. Then open Windows Powershell and enter the given commands one by one:

fastboot Devices

fastboot oem unlock

fastboot oem device-info

If you see “true” on the command console that means you have successfully unlocked your device bootloader. Anything other then “true” means you need to enter other commands.

fastboot flashing unlock

This above command will reboot your device. You need enter again to the fastboot mode and enter the following command

fastboot flashing unlock_critical

Now enter given command to check whether your device is unlocked

fastboot oem device-info

If it’s done. You have successfully unlocked your device. Now enter the given command to reboot your device to normal

fastboot reboot


This method will work in almost every stock Android OS based smartphones. If you face any issue during this process or you’re failed, somehow, to unlock the bootloader, you can comment down and ask me for help. We’ll be there. Have a nice day:)

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