How To Use Always-On Display in MIUI 11

MIUI is a custom skin for Xiaomi devices. It’s fast, lightweight, and very responsive. MIUI is very aggressive in terms of smartphone updates who provides a major update every year. With every major MIUI update, we get some new features that have not introduced earlier. Recently, Xiaomi launched MIUI 11 in the market with tons of features including the always-on display.

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What is Always-On /Ambient Display?

Always-On Display also known as Ambient display is a feature especially for OLED display smartphones through which you can customize your smartphone’s lock screen by placing the animated clocks, time, dates, and other widgets, some devices allow you to customize more things like you can add some unique patterns. Unfortunately, this feature is not available with LCD display, you can read other MIUI 11 Features (+MIUI 11 Settings).

How To Use Always-On Display in MIUI 11?

In this section, I have provided detailed steps to enable always-on display in MIUI 11. Follow the instructions,

  • Open smartphone’s “settings
  • Click “Ambient Display & Lock Screen
  • Turn on the “Ambient Display”

MIUI 11 allows you to customize the ambient display, you can add some effects like style, and other colors, etc.  


I hope now you know how to use Always-On display in MIUI 11. Since OLED display has a better technology to save battery even though when the display is On, this feature only comes with OLED display smartphones. Redmi K20/pro, Xiaomi Mi 10, Xiaomi Mi 8/pro, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, Xiaomi Mi 9T, are the only Xiaomi smartphones that come up with OLED display.

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