How To Use Mi Remote To Control TV and Projectors

Mi Remote is a very popular Android app for Xiaomi and other devices who have IR blaster support. This app lets you use your smartphone as a universal remote. Mi Remote works as a universal remote because you can connect every remote device like TVs or Projectors, DVD player, Music player, etc.

Anyone who has IR blaster support can use this app. It is available on the play store free of cost. Actually, there’re two remote apps available by Xiaomi you can use any of them.

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What is IR blaster?

IR blaster stands for Infrared blaster which is a device that throws infrared rays/signals to control remote devices such as TV,  Projector, AC, music player, etc. The IR blaster in smartphones is the same as we see on TV remotes.

How To Add a TV/Projector in Mi Remote App

  • Install & Open Mi Remote App(duh!)
  • Click on Add remote
  • Choose your device (suppose I’ve chosen TV)
  • Then choose a brand (in my case I’m choosing LG)
  • Choose on/off (in my case device is turn on then I’ll choose On)
  • Click the mute button in front of the TV or Projector
  • If works, proceed further otherwise try again. In my case, it worked. Here you can rename your TV and click paired

That’s it. Now you’ll get the user interface like a remote, shown in the image.

Still, if you’re not able to connect to your device let me know in the comment box.

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