How to Check if you’re blocked on WhatsApp

If someone has blocked you on WhatsApp, you might not be able to find out if someone has blocked you because WhatsApp does not have this feature yet. However, there are some certain things clues that you can use to check if somebody has blocked you. Today I will show you how to Check if you’re blocked on WhatsApp

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Try to view the WhatsApp profile picture

How to Check if you're blocked on WhatsApp

If somebody has blocked you (your number) on WhatsApp, simply, you will not able to view his/her profile picture. But only from this indication, you cannot tell that a person has blocked you. It may happen that the person has not uploaded his/her profile picture or using the privacy that only saved contact number can see the profile picture. So you need some more string clues.

Check if contact’s last scene is visible on your WhatsApp account

How to Check if you're blocked on WhatsApp

When you’re blocked on WhatsApp, you cannot see the last scene of that person. The last scene is time the person visits the WhatsApp. Since WhatsApp has a feature to hide last scene you still can not prove that you’re blocked. So Let’s move to another strong point.

Send A Message to check if you are blocked

How to Check if you're blocked on WhatsApp

When you send a message on a blocked WhatsApp number, it has only one tick on the message no matter if the person is online or offline.

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Make a WhatsApp Voice or Video Call

How to Check if you're blocked on WhatsApp

When you WhatsApp call on a blocked number it may ring but the person will never able to see or pick up your call.

If you follow these indications and got the positive result then I’m sure you’re blocked on WhatsApp. You can use these indications to identify blocked WhatsApp contact. However if you still not get satisfaction, you can create another WhatsApp account and check if these things are visible through a new WhatsApp account.

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