11 Tips To Increase Android’s Performance Instantly

There are numerous reasons that slow down your Android smartphone performance. Some of the main reasons are your smartphone getting outdated, it may have low RAM & ROM, or you’re doing other harmful activities on your Android phone. The goal of this article is to provide you the best possible solution, tips, and tricks to increase your Android’s performance. So, without any further delay, let’s get into the post. You may also like how to improve your Android smartphone’s battery.

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Here are the 11 tips to increase Android’s performance:

1. Uninstall Unused Android Apps

Delete unused apps from your Android phone

Android apps play a very important to slow down your Android’s performance. Generally, Android smartphones are loaded with tons of unused Android apps and games that you don’t use or rarely do. These apps continuously run in the background and take a lot of storage and RAM, which slows down your Android device performance. The best advice is to remove any unnecessary Android apps from your phone, which will free up allotted memory and improve Android’s performance. To do that, go to Android’s Settings > Manage Apps.

Also, you cannot remove bloatware from your Android device. It requires some types of special tools to remove system bloatware. Here’s How to Uninstall System Bloatware From Android Phones.

2. Free Some Memory Spaces From Your Android

Nowadays many Android smartphones have larger storage capacity, this might not be a problem for them. However, if your smartphone is old enough and doesn’t have the right amount of RAM & ROM storage then, you might be suffering with your phone. It’s because smartphones with low storage don’t have enough space to load apps resources that running on your device. So, it’s better to always make sure your smartphone has 2-3GB memory free in your Android phone to run smoothly. To free memories from your Android, you can also delete the junk files and unnecessary files including useless WhatsApp photos, videos, thumbnails, etc.

3. Update Android OS

Update Android OS to increase Android' speed

According to some people, updating your smartphone can slow down the performance of your Android smartphone, just like it did with previous iPhone models. However, this isn’t always the case, and it only happens on a very rare occasion. Every Android update brings new features, bug fixes & patches, performance optimization along with many other improvements. So, always keep your Android phone updated to increase Android’s performance and enjoy the latest features. Furthermore, if you’ve any doubt that this update may contain bugs, you have the option to take users’ online feedback to find out whether it’s true or not.

4. Do a Factory reset

After a long-time of usage, Android or any other smartphone loses its original performance. Also, when software becomes too old then, a smartphone also loses its smoothness and high performance as it was before. There’s nothing much we can do with this problem. However, you can try formatting your device by performing a factory reset. It will remove all errors, clear crashes & bugs from the memory, and give you a brand new smartphone experience again. Here’s 5 Cool Ways to Reset Your Android Smartphone you may like.

Also, read here’s How to backup & restore apps before/after resetting your Andoid device.

5. Do not install speed booster Apps

do not speed booster apps

For Android smartphones, there are tons of speed booster apps listed on the Google Play Store, promising to improve your device performance with just a single tap. So, don’t be fooled. These types of apps continuously run in the device background and also clear cache memory very frequently of other apps, which leads your Android to slow down even further. So, avoid using such types of apps to get high performance out of your Android smartphone. Also read, 10 Things You Should Never Do with Your Smartphone.

6. Try New Launcher For Android

Use Android Launchers to increase Android's performance

You can try this too. By installing a lightweight launcher on your Android, you can make or feel your Android faster. There are so many launchers listed on the Google play store, however, we recommend Nova launcher for you. It’s clean, lightweight, and fast. Try this out and let me know if it works. Here are the Top 10 Android Launchers You Must Try in 2021.

7. Clear Apps Data or Cache

When you start using an app, it grows in size. And, in rare occasions, the file size might exceed 1GB. Cache data is necessary for loading apps quickly, but it causes issues when it retains data that is no longer in use. It’s also our job to empty cache memory to free up the space that’s been filled with worthless data. To clear the cache memory in Android, go to Settings > select Storage > then, click on Cache to clear it.

8. Insert SD card

Insert an SD Card to increase Android's performance

Sometimes, people think using an SD card may slow down Android speed. It’s true if you use slow types of memory cards. You can use a fast memory card to extend your device storage and move files across. It also maintains the Android’s performance consistency for a long time.

9. Increase Android Animation Speed

Increasing animations speed indirectly increase Android’s performance. Yes, you can adjust the animation speed in your Android smartphone from developer settings. To get the developer options, Goto settings > About > Build number > Tap 7 times. Now, go to the developer settings and find these three options and set their value to 0.5, or turn it off completely.

  1. Window animation scale
  2. Transition animation scale
  3. Animator duration scale

10. Install Apps from trusted sources

Always install apps from a trusted source (such as Google Play Store). An untrusted third-party application may contain viruses or malicious codes inside that can steal your data, slow your device or harm your Android in any other ways. Also, there’s a high risk to get your device infected by viruses when it’s rooted. You should immediately uninstall suspicious apps or reset your device to remove viruses from your Android.

11. Disable Automatic Feature From Your Android

On Android, there are several features that start automatically when you boot your device. It includes auto-update apps from the play store, auto-media downloads on WhatsApp, etc. Auto-updates also play an important role to slow your device by continuously running in the device background as you turn on your internet connection. All of these take resources from RAM and cause your device to hang or freeze. The same thing happens when you enable auto-media downloading from WhatsApp. You should find and turn off each of those features to improve your Android performance.


You can try these methods with your own Android smartphone if you’re facing any slow performance issues. I hope you like this article on “11 Tips To Increase Android’s Performance Instantly”. If you’ve any queries or questions, ask me in the comment box.


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