Top 17 Useful MIUI 11 Features (+ MIUI 11 Hidden Settings)

MIUI is the very popular skin of Xiaomi devices. MIUI continuously getting better from its updates. Recently Xiaomi announced  MIUI 11 update with supported devices list name on Mi community. Xiaomi always introduces us with new features in every MIUI update and this time also Xiaomi introduced us with great MIUI 11 features including dark mode, quick response, etc that we’ll discuss in this article.

The update will come through OTA(Over The Air). To check the update in your smartphone, open settings about phone system update. In this article, we’ll also discuss MIUI 11 hidden settings. Surprisingly Xiaomi providing updates in almost every and older Mi devices like Redmi 4x and Redmi note 4.

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Latest MIUI 11 Updates & Features

In this section, we’ve discussed the top 17 Useful MIUI 11 features as well as MIUI 11 hidden tricks that every Xiaomi user should know. I’ve provided a list of Xiaomi smartphones that are getting MIUI  11 updates.

1. Separate App Drawer

Xiaomi introduces us to a new app drawer feature in MIUI 11. Nope! it is not the home screen layout which can be switched between 4X5 to 5X5 from the home screen setting. we get a separate app drawer in MIUI 11 like Google pixel devices. To enable this feature long-press on the home screen > More > Home Screen > With app drawer. That’s it. We can also change the app drawer background from Settings > Home Screen > App Drawer > Background. You can switch the dark, light and transparent background color.  

2. Nature Sounds

Xiaomi has already introduced us with nature sounds in MIUI 10 update but in MIUI 11, we get some more nature-friendly sounds with dynamically changing the feature that changes sounds according to our weather. These sounds feel very good while listening to them. You can set the nature sounds for alarm wake up, Notifications, etc. You can view all the nature sounds from the sound settings.

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3. Quick Replies

Quick Replies is the best MIUI 11 feature for everyone who more like to chat with peoples on social media. Quick replies allow us to directly reply from the notification bar meanwhile we don’t have put the efforts to open apps. It not only works with sending messages but also calling. You can pick up the call directly from the notification bar. This feature is more useful for gamers to make their user experience better.

4. New Mi Share

MIUI 11 update brings a new improved Mi Share for its users. It is the fastest sharing and most used app for data transfer so that Xiaomi directly integrates it with the notification bar. It makes much easier to access the Mi share from the notification bar though which we can share the data. Mi share does not only allows to share the files in only Xiaomi phones, but it can also be used in any smartphone to share the data.

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5. Always-on(ambient) Display

Always-On display (also known as the Ambient display) allows us to display the customized animated clocks or unique patterns even when the display is turned off. MIUI 11 brings lots of amazing animated clock patterns and customization for Always-On display.
Unfortunately, this feature is only available for AMOLED display devices like Mi 9, Redmi K20.  

6. Dark Mode

The dark mode is one of the greatest features comes with MIUI 11 for Xiaomi users to increase the usability of the phone by reducing eye strain. Yes! Dark mode reduces the eye strain while viewing the device that’s why it’s preferred to use the device in dark mode. I haven’t seen dark mode in older devices like Redmi note 4 but I hope Xiaomi will bring this feature in future updates. To enable dark mode go to the Settings > Display > Dark mode.

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7. Change App Vault To Google Feed

You were not able to change the app vault to Google feed like Google Pixel phones but now you can switch between app vault and Google feed on the home screen with this MIUI 11 update which is very cool. The difference between Mi app vault and google feed is, App vault provides us some tools, shortcuts, utilities, etc where Google feed provides news and search bar.  

8. Video Wallpaper

In case you’re not familier with video wallpaper, it is like setting a video(it could be recorded or a movie) as a wallpaper. It is similar to the live wallpaper but not exactly that. Now with MIUI 11 update, you can set a Video Wallpaper on the MIUI home screen.

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9. Blur App Previews 

Blur App Previews work as hiding/blur the content of selected apps from the recent menu. Enable it from Settings > Home screen & Recents > Blur App Previews > Select the apps. This is a pretty useful MIUI 11 feature while using confidential apps like accounting apps.

10. Camera With Enimoji

Before we had not an enimoji feature in MIUI 10 official camera app, To use enimoji, you had to install a separate app that is not fair. On user demands, Xiaomi brings this enimoji feature with a different name Mimoji. Now Mimoji feature is combined in the official MIUI camera app where you can use it. Since many Xiaomi phone doesn’t have 3D face scanner, it will not be that accurate as apple enimoji but still, you can record head movement, lip-sync and also some facial expressions.

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11. Resize Icon Size

Earlier in MIUI 10, we had the only option to resize the font size and change the font too. However, with MIUI 11, we got an option to resize the icon size of the apps including user apps. Any user who wants to increase or decrease the icon size, he can do it from the displaysettings.

12. Ultra Power Mode

Ultra Power Mode is for put the phone on the extremely power-saving mode that turns the phone’s screen into black and white to consume less battery. You can use the device only for calls and messages after enabling ultra saving mode. Unfortunately, this feature is not available on older Xiaomi devices but you can download it as an app from here.

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13. Game Turbo Mode

Game Turbo Mode boosts the gameplay speed and smoothness by disabling the background processes and providing high bandwidth priority. It works pretty nice. You can enhance the experience from Turbo Mode like transparent incoming calls, turn off auto-brightness, in-game shortcuts, etc. When turbo mode is on, these features will be enabled automatically. To enable Game Turbo Mode open MIUI security app > Tap Game Turbo Mode where it can be more customized manually.

14. Sky Mode in Gallery

Sky mode is a new image editing tool in the MIUI gallery that comes under MIUI 11 hidden settings. As the name describes, it is used to change the sky color from an image. Sky mode is found in Gallery then choose an image > click edit > click filter > click sky.

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15. New Keyboard

New MIUI 11 update comes along with a new Milt keyboard which seems better than Google keyboard at least Xiaomi says. It has all the same features that contain Google keyboard like changing the keyboard background colors, multiple themes auto-correction, Glide-typing, auto-suggestion and It also supports multiple languages include Hindi, English, Arabic, Urdu, etc. At one point where I got this keyboard better at in rich of Gifs, Emojis, and smart clipboard feature.

16. Disable All Sensors

Unfortunately, this feature is tagged with Android 10 meanwhile which the version of Android 10(pie) will not get this feature.  Disable All sensors as the name shows, it disables all the sensors from the smartphones including the gyroscope, light sensor, etc. You can enable this feature when a smartphone’s battery is low for less power consumption. You can directly get this feature on the Notification bar.

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17. Steps Counter

Earlier, Xiaomi provided the Mi app through which we can monitor our health but now MIUI 11 introduced us with a built-in step counter feature to track the activities that can be shown right into the App vault. It counts the steps as we walk and display on GUI.

List of Devices That are getting global MIUI 11 update

Xiaomi is providing MIUI 11 update three different phases at different times.

First Phase:

  • Mi 8 Pro 
  • Mi 8 
  • Mi 8 Lite
  • MI MIX 2S
  • Redmi Note 7
  • Redmi Note 7S
  • Redmi Note 7 Pro
  • Redmi 7
  • MI MIX 3
  • Redmi Y3
  • SE Redmi K20 / Mi 9T 
  • MI 9 

Second Phase:

  • Redmi Note 5 Pro
  • Redmi Note 5
  • Redmi Note 5A
  • Redmi Y1/Y1 Lite
  • Redmi 5 Plus
  • Redmi 5
  • Redmi Note 4x
  • Redmi 4X
  • Redmi S2/Y2
  • Mi 9
  • Redmi K20 Pro
  • Mi 9 Lite
  • Mi MIX 2
  • Mi MIX
  • Mi 6
  • Mi Note 3
  • Mi Note 2
  • Mi Max 2
  • Mi Max 3
  • Mi Play
  • Redmi 6 Pro
  • Redmi 6
  • Redmi 6A

Third Phase:

  • Redmi 7A
  • Redmi Note 8 Pro
  • Redmi 8
  • Redmi 8A
  • Redmi Note 6 Pro


Thank you so much for scrolling down and sorry for not adding an image due to some reason. I hope you like the Top 17 Useful MIUI 11 Features and MIUI hidden settings. Let me know which one feature is your favorite. Comment below.


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