9 Most Useful Google Chrome Extensions For Everyone

Google Chrome is one of the fastest and lightweight browsers ever used by almost every PC user. You can do a lot more using extensions such as getting some extra features.

There are tons of extensions available on the Chrome web store. Some extensions can boost the volume levels by 600%, take awesome screenshots, block the ads, and so many things. In this article, we’ll discuss the 9 most useful Google Chrome extensions for everyone.

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9 Useful Google Chrome Extensions

In this section, we’ve discussed the best extensions that a person should definitely install on Google Chrome. These extensions will help you in daily life browsing, listening to online songs and watching online videos. Lets directly go through all the useful extensions

1. Volume Master

9 Most Useful Google Chrome Extensions For Everyone

Volume master is the best and my favorite Google Chrome extension that is used to boost the volume of playing songs/videos up to 600%. Sometimes we feel the computer sounds very low, in that case, we can use Volume master extension to increase the sound of playing songs or videos to increase the volume. You can manage the volume levels through any tab. Some people will ask in comments, can it be harmful to the speaker? No, if you use it properly. Never boost sound 600% always, the sound will be messed up and you’ll not be able to hear anything correctly.

2. Awesome Screenshot

9 Most Useful Google Chrome Extensions For Everyone

Awesome Screenshot is another free to use Google Chrome extension that can take screenshots in various styles. You can customize your screenshots in many different styles and can add some special effects like blur effects, shape screenshot, desktop screen capture, etc. It supports screen recordings feature that lets you record the screen in different styles. You can save the screenshot and recorded videos into your hard disk drive.

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3. Google Translate

9 Most Useful Google Chrome Extensions For Everyone

Google translate is one of the useful Google Chrome extensions. It can translate words, phrase or articles from one language to another language. Using this extension is very easy, right-click on a word or sentence from web page and then click translate. You can download Google translate extension directly from the Chrome web store. Google Translate supports almost every language in the world.

4. Adblocker

Google Chrome Extensions

Every time when we visit a website or play a Youtube video, the first thing we see is Ads which might be very irritating sometimes. Adblocker is a very good Chrome extension that prevents ads to watch on your screen. Some adblockers provide you with premium features. For example, blocking ads, prevent pop-ups, browse faster, protect privacy, beat malware, etc. In some cases, you have to disable the ad blocker to access the few contents. To access the blocked contents you have to buy premium adblockers.

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5. Grammarly

Google Chrome Extensions

If you’d love writing every time but you have doubts about your grammar then you should definitely use Grammarly extension. Grammarly scans every element and check every wrong sentences/Grammar from your contents and suggest you correct it. There’s a premium membership option in Grammarly extension which is a little cost that will show more correct grammar and suggest you correct sentences. However, if you’re a normal writer, you don’t have to buy a premium membership. Though this is a really useful Google Chrome extension.

6. Dark Reader

Google Chrome Extensions

Dark reader is an ads-free extension available on Chrome web store. It turns the color theme into dark mode. We can use this extension at night to protect our eyes from blue/white lights. Dark reader is an open-source project if you’re a programmer you can check it on Github. Although this extension can read your all history which is not a problem. You can enable dark mode in incognito mode too from the settings > then enable dark mode for incognito mode.

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7. Convertio

Google Chrome Extensions

Convertio extension is used to convert the files format to another format. Sometimes it becomes necessary to use to fixed file format on a website or platform. If you don’t have a certain format, use this extension to convert the format into another.
It has the multiple formats to convert. It coverts the videos, audios, archives, presentations, images, fonts, documents and ebooks from one format to another.

8. Smart Mute

Google Chrome Extensions

Sometimes we play music in multiple tabs and they mess up with each other. The Smart Mute extension lets you play music in one tab at a time. You can enable/disable this extension from the extension bar. We got a few other options like silent mode, exclude pinned tabs, whitelist, blacklist, to utilize the smart mute extension.

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9. Save To Pocket

Google Chrome Extensions

Save to pocket is a very useful Google Chrome extension to save the articles, images, videos links into the pocket to read or watch that later in a closed environment. It is just an enhanced version of bookmarks. You can easily download this extension from the Google web store.


So these are the 9 Useful Google Chrome extensions. I hope you like these extensions. If you know such other Useful extensions let me know in the comment box.


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