New Smartphone Buying Guide 2020: 7 Points to Consider

When you go to a mobile shop to buy a brand new smartphone, the seller force you to buy their recommended smartphone. And, if you’re a non-technical buyer they can easily make you fool by selling an old hardware-based smartphone. Well, not after today. Here I’ve mentioned 7 very important key features of a smartphone that you must consider before buying a new smartphone.

These 7 Points You Should Consider Before Buying A New Smartphone:

  1. Processor
  2. Display
  3. RAM & ROM
  4. Camera
  5. Operating System
  6. Battery
  7. Other Things Like NFC, Fingerprint sensor, Build Quality & Design, OTA Updates, and more.

Let’s start each key points from the starting:

1. Processor

Processor, also known as SoC (System on a Chip), is one of the main and important components in any smartphone. Basically, a processor is responsible for executing all the operations in your smartphone. Usually, the latest processor-based smartphone is always considered as the best, however, they get really expensive and not affordable for many users. Currently, Qualcomm Snapdragon’s processors are the king in the Mobile industry and Snapdragon 855 is the latest in series.
You should always buy a smartphone that should have at least Snapdragon 625 processor for average lag-free performance. Likewise, you can choose MTK processor-based smartphone including Helio G95, Helio G80, and Helio P35, etc. However, we recommend you to go with Snapdragon processors.
Here you look at some of the best mobile processors in 2020

2. Display

There are different types of display technology are used by smartphone companies. Such technologies include OLED, AMOLED, TFT, 1080 (Full HD) IPS, 720P, and other types of display. The higher price model smartphone comes with OLED/AMOLED displays. However, if you’re looking for the best budget smartphone in 2020 you should buy a phone that has a Full HD IPS display and stay away from 720p displays. Along with that, if you’re more lean towards watching movies, chatting, etc than multi-tasking then you should always prefer buying a new phone with OLED or AMOLED display.

3. RAM and ROM

RAM and ROM both are very important key-points of a smartphone. Your smartphone performance varies on RAM, it could be faster or slower depending on the amount of RAM.  The current standard for Android smartphones follows 4GB RAM & 64GB internal storage for decent performance. Anything less than that will lag your phone for sure.
Nowadays, many brands are launching their smartphones with 8GB RAM or 16GB RAM. Listen, Having a bigger number of RAM and ROM is good. But, it also depends on how well software has been optimized. For instance, iPhones with 2GB or 3GB RAM can beat many Android phones.

4. Camera

You can get a pretty decent rear and selfie camera setup with a mid-range smartphone. Nowadays, smartphones are featuring dual, triple, and even quadruple-camera setup with macro lens, wide lens, and telephoto lens.
Along with that, you can watch reviews videos on Youtube to know more camera features before buying a new smartphone.

5. Operating System

Currently, there’s only two popular mobile phone’s operating system available in the market: Android & iOS. Android is more popular though. Pretty much every smartphone is based on Android OS including LG, Samsung, Redmi, Lenovo, OnePlus, and more (except apple). Apple uses his own operating system called iOS in iPhone devices.
There are a huge number of smartphones list available based on Android OS. Usually, Android smartphones start from low to premium price (Between $100 to $1500 or more). However, you don’t get lots of choices if you choose iOS. Only iPhones are the only option and usually, their pricing starts from $250 and goes up to $1700. Both are good choices but, it depends on your budget range and OS preferences.

6. Battery

The battery is one of the most important things in a smartphone, since, it powers every electronic component to keep it turned on for a long time. The battery capacity is measured in mAh (milliampere-hour). In 2020, the minimum required battery capacity is 4000mAh for a smartphone that ensures the phone will last over a day. So always make sure that it has a 4000mAh or more battery capacity before buying a new phone.

7. Other Things Like NFC, Fingerprint Sensor, Face Unlock and more.

A smartphone is not completed with some minor but essential features such as fingerprint sensor, NFC(optional), face unlock feature and more. In 2020, many smartphones also offering under-screen fingerprint technology in some mid-range devices. Along with that, Face scan unlock helps to unlock the smartphone by looking into it. 3D Face Unlock and the fingerprint sensor are more secure though. So always expect some extra features whenever you buy a new phone.
I hope this new smartphone buying guide 2020 helps you to select a better smartphone for you. Thanks for reading our blog. If you’ve any questions or queries, ask me in the comment box. Also, follow us on our social media platform to get the latest technology updates quickly.


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