5 Cool Ways to Reset Your Android Smartphone

There are some situations when you can’t reset your Android phone from a single way. For example, when your smartphone is locked up and you don’t remember the password or pattern. In this case, you probably think there must be at least two ways to format my phone to break the pattern lock or password. Worry not, I’m your host and In this tutorial, I will show you not one or two even three but five ways to reset Android smartphone.


5 ways to reset Android Phone

These are 100% working tricks that I have tried on my own Android phone. So let’s start from the basic one

Note: Resetting your device by any method will erase your all data from the smartphone including internal storage. So it is always advised to backup your device before this process.

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1. Reset From Settings

This first method only works when your smartphone is not locked or you have remembered the password or pattern. To format your Android using this method, go to Android Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > tap Reset phone. Or for Google Pixel or Android One devices, go to Settings > System > Advanced > Reset options > Erase all data > Enter the pin and Select Erase all data.

Reset Android smartphone from settings

This will reset your device and erase your all data completely including internal storage, installed apps, pattern or password, etc.

2. Reset From Recovery

Reset Android smartphone from recovery

Usually, a normal Android user doesn’t know what it is. Basically recovery mode allows us to perform some certain operations like erase data(factory reset), clear cache, reboot to bootloader, etc without loading your Android home launcher. Here’s how to reset your Android phone through recovery

  • Turn Off your Android completely
  • Press & hold volume up + Power key simultaneously for at least 7-10 seconds until boot logo appears.
  • It’ll reboot your device into recovery mode…
  • Now navigate to Factory reset or “Reset” then press power key to select (Note: If the touchscreen do not works then use your volume keys to navigate through options and use the power key to select an option)
  • Again, Navigate to “Yes” and use your power key to select the option.

This method doesn’t need to know your current password to reset your smartphone.

3. Reset Using FindMyDevice App

FindMyDevice is a very location tracking multi-purpose Android app. It is used to find the real-time location of your Android phone and perform various operations remotely including reset option. Here’s how to use FindMyDevice app to reset your Android smartphone

First Download & Install FindMyDevice app from the Play Store. After installing this app, open it on your Android phone. Then log in using your email address and allow location permission. Once you get inside the app, use “Erase Device” option to reset your phone completely.

Reset Android using FindMyDevice

Note: FindMyDevice requires an internet connection for working.

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4. Reset Using Laptop

If you have a desktop or laptop you can easily flash new software to your Android phone to reset the device. Watch this YouTube Video

5. Reset using TWRP

TWRP is one of the most popular recovery available out there. One can easily install TWRP on your Android phone & replace it with stock recovery. Using TWRP, you can reset your phone without losing internal storage data. Follow these instructions

  • Press & Hold Volume up+ Power Key for 10 seconds to boot into TWRP
  • On TWRP homescreen, Tap Wipe Option
  • Then Swipe to complete the Factory Reset

That’s it.

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