Best Google Chrome Tricks For Android (You Can Try it Now)

Google Chrome Tricks

Google Chrome is one of the most used internet browser on Android and desktop platform. The browser offers a lot more. It’s fast, lightweight, and super powerful browser there. The Brower comes with so many features & tools such as dark mode, secure browsing, lite mode, etc. Along with that, Google Chrome tricks helps to … Read more

13 Best Google Chrome Extensions in 2020 (new)

Google Chrome is one of the powerful, lightweight, and customizable browsers available for Windows and macOS. You can make your Chrome browser even more powerful and customizable by installing powerful extensions. These extensions may change all your browsing experience. There are tons of extensions available on Chrome web store but Today, I will share 13┬áChrome’s … Read more

5 Best Google Chrome Alternatives in 2020 (updated)

Chrome Alternatives

Google Chrome is a very powerful and lightweight browser made by Google, Apple, & Microsoft developers. It quickly loads the website even if the website size is too big. Also, it provides many functionalities and features which a user can use to utilize their browser. Such features are dark mode, extension support, secure browsing, etc. … Read more