How to Turn on YouTube Dark Mode

Youtube dark mode

The Google-owned company, YouTube, the most popular video streaming platform, has now officially got the update for dark mode for the different platforms. There are billions of users on Youtube can now enjoy the dark mode. We’ve already explained the benefits of using dark mode, it reduces phones battery consumption and reduces eyes strain as … Read more

Best Google Chrome Tricks For Android (You Can Try it Now)

Google Chrome Tricks

Google Chrome is one of the most used internet browser on Android and desktop platform. The browser offers a lot more. It’s fast, lightweight, and super powerful browser there. The Brower comes with so many features & tools such as dark mode, secure browsing, lite mode, etc. Along with that, Google Chrome tricks helps to … Read more

Top 21 Amazing Google Search Tricks in 2020 You Should Know

Google Search Tricks

Google is the fastest and really powerful among all the search engines worldwide. There are a lot of things you can do with Google. For example, reading books comics, watching videos, viewing pictures, downloading files, videos & documents, and many more things. Along with that, there are many Google hacks and tricks that you should … Read more

How To Change Google Keyboard Theme (updated)

Google Keyboard themes

Google Keyboard is a very popular keyboard installed on almost every Android smartphone. It comes with many features including themes, Emojis, clipboard, one hand mode, Glide Typing, etc without installing any external plug-ins or extension. Here are 10 Features Of Google Keyboard (GBoard) in 2020 you may like it. You can easily add multiple languages … Read more