7 Best Tips and Tricks to Charge Smartphone Faster

charge your phone faster

Now in the smartphone market, many smartphones coming up with a huge battery capacity of approximately 5000mAh. They can last up to 7-10 hours maximum battery life at normal usage such as browsing, normal gamings, etc. Modern smartphone companies more investing in making fast chargers instead of a bigger battery. In this tutorial, we’ll show … Read more

Top 21 Amazing Google Search Tricks in 2020 You Should Know

Google Search Tricks

Google is the fastest and really powerful among all the search engines worldwide. There are a lot of things you can do with Google. For example, reading books comics, watching videos, viewing pictures, downloading files, videos & documents, and many more things. Along with that, there are many Google hacks and tricks that you should … Read more

Top 18 Best YouTube Tricks and Tips For Internet Geeks

Top 18 Best YouTube Tricks and Tips For Internet Geeks

We all know Youtube is the largest video content provider over the internet. Which contains tons of videos on any topic. Here one can become a creator and post great video contents, also, he/she can monetize his/her videos. These are the basic somethings that all Internet users usually know. Here are the top 18 best … Read more

How to Uninstall System Apps from Android [Root or Without Root]

Uninstall System apps on Android Phone

Android smartphones simply do not allow us to delete or uninstall system apps. There are some reasons why they do it and what are its pros & cons?. System apps such as contact app, camera app, services and other Google frameworks, etc which are some required to function Android operating system properly. If you uninstall … Read more