How to Take a Screenshot on Android

I’m sure you must have taken screenshot once. You take screenshots to save it in your gallery or to share your friends, etc. A screenshot can be very useful sometime such as resolving an issue on your phone by sharing the screenshot to someone who knows how to fix it. But What if you can’t take screenshot from one way. is there any other way do you know? I’m quite sure you don’t know. Well, that’s why I’m here. Today lets count in how many ways you can take a screenshot on your Android phone.

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The best Ways to Take Screenshot

There are so many ways to take a screenshot on Android. Some methods are older and known to most users other might be a little tricky and hardly people know about it. Just like some offers zero extra features other lots of customization features. So today we’ll cover up almost every method to take a screenshot on Android phones.

#1Method To Take Screenshot on Android

Take Screenshot on Android

The first method approached by almost every Android user. Press & Hold Power + Volume Down button simultaneously to take a screenshot.

Or, If you’re using an old Samsung device, press the home and power button at the same time to take a screenshot successfully. Also, you can use your Samsung S pen to take a screenshot. To do that, Pull S pen out of phone and launch air command, then select Screen write.

Every screenshot you take automatically saves into smartphones gallery, you can view or delete pictures from there. While this approach might take a little longer in reaching your hand on right position at the right time, you can easily miss the perfect frame especially if you’re taking a screenshot of a moving picture. So, you must go for other screenshot methods to save your time as well those are handier than this.

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#2Method To Take Screenshot on Android

swipe fingers down to take screenshot on Android

The second method is very quick and easy. Most upcoming smartphones support this feature. You just need to swipe your three fingers on screen top to bottom to take a screenshot.

In Xiaomi devices, this feature is found under Settings > Additional settings > Button and gesture shortcut > Take a screenshot > Slide 3 fingers down. Also, you can customize the screenshot button from here.

In Android 10 smartphones, Open Settings > Gestures & custom features > Three-finger screenshot > Toggle On.

In Oneplus Devices, Open Settings > Buttons & gestures >Quick gestures > Toggle On Three Finger Screenshot Option.

If it’s not working in your smartphone, you should look out inside your device settings, it must be there. Every smartphone brand follows different settings to enable this option you can google it for your brand and then just enable this option to enjoy the feature. Note that older devices may not have the support of three-finger slide feature.

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#3Method To Take Screenshot on Android

Take Screenshot using third party apps

Using a third-party app. There are many third-party apps that allow you to take screenshots without using hardware buttons or sliding your fingers down. Android screenshot apps like Super screenshot & Screenshot touch offer many more features than taking a screenshot only. You can customize a screenshot with additional features. Capture long screenshot, add stickers, select area, drawing, etc are some functionalities of third party screenshot apps which helps to take a better screenshot.

AZ Screen Recorder offers the same feature with an additional option of screen recording. The app also lets you take screenshot and screen recording at the same time.

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#4Method To Take Screenshot on Android

Use Google Assistant to take screenshot

If you have a smartphone with Google assistant enabled then why to install any third party app. Google Assistant can perform several operations on your smartphone such as turning on/off WiFi, Bluetooth, touch, etc and so for it can take screenshot as well. To do that, press and hold home button for 3 seconds to open Google assistant -> Once assistant active, Just say “Take a Screenshot” and it’ll take a screenshot for you then automatically saves into your smartphone gallery.

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#5 Take Screenshot on Android on Restricted Apps

ReEnable Screenshot

If your device is too old or you’re bored with old features of Android you should try rooting your phone. If you root your Android device, you simply enable those options that you can’t access previously. Once after rooting, you can customize your Android according to you such as make your volume button as a power button and tons of cool tricks like that. However, for the screenshot you’ll need install Xposed Framework on your Android phone and then install this Xposed plugin ReEnabale Screenshot from the Play Store.

Then open Xposed and enable ReEnable Screenshot from the module and restart your device. After a restart, open the ReEnable Screenshot app and select the apps which are restricting you to take screenshot. Now simply open those apps and try to take a screenshot. Great, you’ve successfully taken a screenshot on the restricted apps.

Bottom Line

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