Top 25 Essential Must Have Android Apps!

There are thousands of millions of Android apps available on the Play Store. But only a few of them are going to help you on daily basis. So today, we bring the list of top 25 must-have Android apps. These apps will make your daily tasks much easier and make your smartphone more productive.

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Must have Android Apps


  1. Camscanner
  2. Google Drive & Google Photos
  3. YouTube
  4. Spotify
  5. WhatsApp
  6. Facebook
  7. Screen Recorder
  8. Amazon or Flipkart
  9. PicsArt
  10. Google Maps
  11. Translate
  12. AccuWeather
  13. Google Chrome
  14. LastPass
  15. GBoard or Swift Keyboard
  16. AirDroid
  17. VLC player or MX player
  18. TrueCaller
  19. Google Contact
  20. Open Camera
  21. SnapSeed
  22. KineMaster
  23. Night Light
  24. Root Explorer
  25. Google Find My Device

1. Camscanner: Best Documents Scanning App (Banned in INDIA)


CamScanner is the best scanning app out there for Android phones. It uses your smartphone’s camera to scan the documents, image ID, etc and then enhances its overall quality. The app itself automatically adjusts the height and width of the document using the auto-crop feature. You can take out your photos and scan them using camscanner.

Using auto-sync option, you can backup of photos into cloud storage. CamScanner also provides 200MB cloud storage. You can get more cloud storage capacity with a premium plan.

2. Google Drive & Google Photos: Best Cloud Storage

Google Drive & Photos: Best Cloud Backup Apps For Android

Google Drive & Photos both are essential Android apps you must have. Both apps provide cloud storage solution for media files. Using Google Photos, you can enable auto-backup feature which syncs photo into cloud in a real-time. Whereas Google driver is all in one solution, Which can store files, photos, documents, and other files.

Google photos can backup unlimited photos at standard quality. And Google Drive offers 20GB cloud storage for free. You have option to extend storage capacity with some plans. Servers are empowered by Google so you don’t need to worry about speed and privacy.

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3. YouTube: Best Online Streaming App

YouTube: Best Online Video Platform App For Android Phones

With more than 5 Billion downloads, YouTube is one of the most installed apps from the play store. YouTube offers billions of videos on so many topics. You can watch Youtube videos on study material, technology, music, etc. You’re allowed to leave a comment or like/dislike the video.

Youtube also offer premium plan which adds new extra feature such as background playback and no irritating ads.

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4. Spotify: Best Online Music Player

Spotify: Best Online Music App For Android

Spotify is an online music player app for Android, iPhone and Desktop. The app has been download 500 million times from the play store alone. There are huge number of audience use Spotify to play songs. You get numerous categories of songs such as pop, Bollywood, romance, dance, hip-hop, etc. Search option quickly lets you find your favorite songs. You can create your own playlists and fill with your favorite songs.

Other premium features download songs for offline listening, ad-free, and HD song quality, etc. Spotify Lite is also available on the Play Store.

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5. WhatsApp: Best Messenger ever

WhatsApp: Best Messenger App For Android

WhatsApp is the most used messenger worldwide. You can not only chat with your friends but also share media files such as photos, videos, documents, etc. Along with that, it features dark mode, WhatsApp voice call & video call as well as group video call. Checkout WhatsApp status feature, let you add current status. You can use it on your desktop through WhatsApp Web.

Read More: How to enable WhatsApp Dark Mode in Android

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6. Facebook: Best Social App

Facebook: Best Social App For Android

Facebook is the best social app out there. It lets you chat with your online friends, browse feeds, like or dislike post as well as comment feature. Share emojis, gifs, images, photos as well as video call or voice call while chatting through Facebook Messenger.

You can create your own Facebook group or join other group. Along with that, you can build followers by creating your own interesting FB page. Facebook messenger is available on the play store free of cost.

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7. Screen Recorder: Best Utility App

Screen Recorder App For Android

Screen Recorder is a must have Android app. It lets you record your smartphone screen and all the activities you perform on your phone. If you suppose to be a mobile gamer, you can record your gamin and publish on Youtube or Twitch. AZ Screen Recorder is one of the best screen recorder apps for Android.

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8. Amazon or Flipkart: Best Online Shopping App

Amazon: Best Online Shopping App For Android

You must have an Online shopping apps on your Android phone. One of my favorite shopping app Amazon offers great deals and discounts. Whereas Flipkart provides service only in India. You can buy from electronic accessories to clothes pretty much everything. Both delivers products within few days estimated from 3 to 5 days.

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9. PicsArt: Best Image Editor

PicsArt: Best Image Editor For Android

PicsArt is a professional image editing app which has 500+ million downloads from the play store alone. The app includes all the basic features as well as advanced features. It includes image scaling, color toning, filters, background removing, adding texts, stickers, light effects and much more.

You can increase the Number of features by purchasing PicsArt Gold premium plan.

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10. Google Maps: Best Navigator

Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the best real-time navigation apps for Android and other devices as well. You can use Google maps to analyze real-time traffic jam, finding the best possible route for you, find nearby gas stations or hotels or places, etc. Along with that, you can share your current location with your friends. Google maps includes so many navigation tools that you can use while travelling.

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11. Google Translate: Best Translator ever

Google Translate

Translators are used to translate one language to another. For example, Google Translate is the most popular translator app for Android, you must have. You can use Google Translate to translate words or sentences from one language to another language quite easily. It has some additional features such as real-time translator , text scanning, language auto-detection, etc. And, the best part is you can use this app without internet.

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12. AccuWeather: Best Weather Forecasting App

Accuweather: Best Weather App For Android

Weather Forecasting app might be very useful at some time, as you can change your mood depending on weather. With AccuWeather forecasting app, you can easily find out the weather condition at your place with a really good accuracy. The data has been updated every single minute which increase its precision. The app predicts future weather up to 15 days from now. iOS platform also support this app.

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13. Google Chrome: Best Internet Browser

Google Chrome: Best Internet Browser for Android

When it comes to internet browser, I always choose Chrome among all the browsers. It’s lightweight, powerful, and fast. There are so many cool Google Chrome tricks you should try. You can customize your browser, change themes, enable dark mode, add shortcuts, etc.

You can extends features in PC by using Google Chrome extensions, Firefox also a good competitor of Chrome which is little bit slower than Chrome.

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14. LastPass: Best Password Manager

LastPass Password Manager

Remembering a password is a tough business, isn’t it!

LastPass is an award-winning password manager app for Android. It can remember your Facebook, Email, Twitter, and other social media passwords for life time. Every password is stored in an encrypted format so the hacker can’t access it. To access all the passwords, it requires a master password. Along with all the features, it can generate random strong password for you.

With the premium plan, you get 1GB encrypted cloud storage, multi-authentication, priority tech support, and more features. LastPass is available for cross-platform devices including Android OS.

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15. GBoard or Swift Keyboard: Best Keyboard For Android

GBoard: Best Keyboard App For Android

A better keyboard increases the speed of typing insane fast. If you’re a Android user, you must have heard about Google Keyboard which is know as GBoard as well. GBoard provides keyboard with not tons of customization options, however, it does include many good features such as change your keyboard themes or add your own image to keyboard, emojis, one-handed mode, etc. Click here to know all the features of Google Keyboard.

The keyboard also has multi language support with glide typing. To add new language, head over to GBoard Settings > Choose language > Add Keyboard. You’re done.

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16. AirDroid: Best File Sharing App

AirDroid: Android File Sharing Apps

All the Android sharing apps offers pretty much same speed. However, AirDroid is considerably superfast. You can share files between two devices over WiFi. The main plus point is it allows you to share files between two different devices based on different operating system at the same speed. Yeah! it does have support for Windows OS to Linux to Android to iOS.

Remote feature in AirDroid allows you to access your files from Windows or Mac to Android device. Also, it includes features mirror screen, calling, SMS, etc.

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17. VLC player or MX player: Best Video Player App

VLC Player For Android

You might know MX player since the Android became popular. With 500+ million downloads and having 4.4 ratings, MX player is one of the best video player apps for Android. Which allows your smartphone to play any type of videos including 4K, QHD, FHD, etc. It supports pretty much every type of video codec.

MX Player approaches a video playback user interface. You can tune volume from the right hand side & change display brightness from right side of the half screen. Also, it includes pinch in or out for video Zoom in/out. Here some MX Player tricks you can try these.

It includes so many advanced features such as background play, zoom in/out, add subtitle, hardware acceleration, and kids lock, etc.

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18. TrueCaller: Best Caller Id Detecter

TrueCaller: Best Caller ID Detector App

Truecaller is a caller ID detection app for Android. It shows the caller identity of incoming/outgoing calls. Also, it detects the spam calls, messenger identity, spam SMS, etc. It has the support of some external features such as call recordings, flash while messaging, backup call history including UPI payment.

The TrueCaller app offers dark mode feature as well ad-free environment which I liked so much. But, what I didn’t like that it needs permissions for text SMS, calls, location, camera, Wi-Fi connection, microphone, etc which is too much than required. Also, it uploads your all the contacts to its server without your permission. So, if you’re aware of your privacy you better don’t use this app. Here’s source: YouStory.

Download on Play Store/download/button/#27ae60

19. Google Contact: Best Contact Manager

Google Contact: Sync Your Contacts With Google

Google contact can be used for calling as well as to backup your contacts. It syncs your all the stored contact to Google cloud. So whenever you purchase a new Android phone you can restore them very easily with your Google account.

Along with that, it allows you to retrieve your contacts through the Google contacts website. Also, it allows you to merge duplicate contacts using merge & fix option.

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20. Open Camera: Best Camera App

Open Camera or Google Camera

Open camera is one of the top camera apps for Android you must have. It’s completely free open source camera app allows you click a better selfie with so many camera tools. It has manual camera support, portrait mode, image stabilization feature, auto HDR and 4K & slow motion video recording, etc.

However, some feature aren’t accessible for non-camera2API devices. Here’s how to enable camera2API on your Android.

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21. SnapSeed: Best Image Editor with Simple UI 


SnapSeed is another image editor app made by Google Inc. It provides a very simple & easy user interface and several editing tools through which you can edit your images quite easily. This image editor supports RAW image editing as well.

Also, it includes other image tools such as filters, frames, brushes, HDR scape, curve editing along with lens blur feature to add bokeh effect in image. You get all these features completely free. Download it now.

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22. KineMaster: Best Video Editor 

KineMaster: Best Video Editor App For Android

KineMaster is an advanced video editing app available for Android. It allows you to easily edit your videos for YouTube or for fun. The app contains lots of powerful video editing tools such as multi-layered video editing, reverse video, trimming, cropping, etc. Probably it’s the only Android app which can remove video backgrounds as well.

Most of the advanced features are locked which one can unlock with KineMaster premium plan.

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23. Night Light: Best Blue Light Filter App

Night Light: Best Blue Light Filter App For Android

You can use Night light or a good blue light filter Android app to protect your eyes from harmful display lights. The app applies an yellow layer on screen that lower the density of blue lights. Also, you can schedule night & day time which enables yellow light automatically.

You get this feature inside your Android phone as well, however, if it’s unavailable there you can download this app from the play store.

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24. Root Explorer: Best File Manager 

Root Explorer

An advanced Android user uses Root Explorer file manager app to manage files, folders, etc. This app allows us to compress or uncompress achieve (Zip, Tar, etc) files. SQLite database viewer helps to view the .db files as well.

Along with that, A root user can access system directory where he/she can modify system files. The premium version costs around $1.8 USD offers ad-free interface.

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25. Google Find My Device: Best Smartphone GPS Tracker App

Find My Device

Google Find My Device is one of the must have Android apps. It allows you to track your smartphone’s GPS location using your email ID & password. Also, you can enable lost mode, delete all your data remotely, check network & battery status, play sound, etc.

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