Top 4 Alternatives to Youtube you should know!

Having millions of billions of videos, YouTube is the biggest video platform service in the world. There are tons of videos available in different categories that anyone can play and enjoy that video. Youtube doesn’t stop here. It includes some of the best features in the world such as dark mode, picture in picture mode, background video playback, offline videos, etc. Along with YouTube child’s privacy is so much secure. Any adult content will be removed immediately from this platform.

Well! we all agree Youtube is the best video platform out there on the internet right now. But we should also look for similar platforms, in case if one service has been banned where would you go for. So today, we bring the top 4 best Youtube alternatives you should know.

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Top 4 YouTube Alternatives

Every platform has some drawbacks, Youtube has too. Such as you can’t download videos, full of irritating non-skippable ads, copyright issues, etc. So let’s dive into these alternatives to Youtube.

1. DailyMotion

DailyMotion is the best alternatives to Youtube. It has approximately 231+ million visitors which maintain this video service to the second position after Youtube. However, the interface is different Youtube. Videos are divided into multiple sections –Trending videos, News, Entertainment, Music and Sports.

Features of DailyMotion

Copyright policy is not as aggressive as youtube. You’re allowed to copy some parts of other’s videos content and add them to your video without any risk of copyright issue. The platform also allows its users to add a custom thumbnail into the videos. Along with that, you can become a partner of DailyMotion and monetize your videos like creators can do in the Youtube platform.


  • DailyMotion creators can upload only 4GB files of 60-minute maximum length videos at 1080p quality.
  • Not user-friendly and superfast service like Youtube.
  • Not a great earning platform.

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2. Vimeo

Vimeo is another video content provider US company. There are many types of videos available, most videos are provided by the professionals instead of any simple creators like Youtube has. There are several categories of videos such as Animation, Art & Design, Camera & Technique, Comedy, Documentary, and my favorite Sports, etc. Instead of subscribing feature, it has the follow button. You can follow channels to get the notification as he/she upload the new content. Comment & Share features are available as well.

You can create your own channel similar to Youtube and upload your own contents but unlike the Youtube, there are some limitations: With the free membership, you get only 500 Megabytes to upload contents in a weak and total 5GB for the lifetime. For youtube creatures, it has a great detailed analytics feature that reports your impressions, views, finishes, and average % watched videos along with most views by region, most views by device, and most view by source URL.

There are some premium plans you can upgrade to increase the storage capacity, video upload quality and to get some other features. Click the link to know about all plans and their feature.
Vimeo app is available for Android, iOS & macOS,  download it right now on your platform.


  • Limited amount of free options
  • Not so user-friendly videos

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3. Facebook

Facebook is one of the best social media networks. But perhaps you may not know, Facebook is one of Youtube alternatives as well. The Facebook video feature was introduced a few years ago, now every user on Facebook can be a creator and publish their videos. Many Youtuber already moved to Facebook. Here you can monetize your videos, comment, share, and other features that make it more interactive with users. Going live with Facebook is super easy and quick and does not require a very fast internet connection. The Facebook app is also available for cross-platforms.

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4. DTube

If you’re looking for the most similar platform to Youtube but with some new features, DTube should be your first choice. The best thing is that it’s an ad-free video platform. It uses the steam blockchain method to earn money. You can monetize your uploaded videos and earn money cryptocurrency such as bitcoin.

The user interface contains the trending videos, watch later, and other useful options. Different video formats are available there such as 480p, 1080p, and up to 4K format.

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You should visit these Youtube alternatives at once. IF you have any questions regarding this article, feel free to comment down. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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