How To Turn Off News Feed (Mi App Vault) From Xiaomi Smartphones

News Feeds are very useful for those users who like to read the latest news or personalized articles. That’s why every smartphone companies are including this feature to their custom UIs. There may be different names of news feed, one of the popular Google News Feed is used by almost every Android smartphones. However Xiaomi smartphones don’t use Google News feed, they have their own news feed called Mi App Vault. Some users (including me) do not like App vault because it has some unwanted features & shows irritating ads as well. So in this tutorial, we’ll find out how to turn off MIUI news feed from all Xiaomi smartphones.

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So How To Turn Of Mi Vault?

In this section, we will know how you can turn of Mi App Vault completely or replace it from Google news feed. Follow the given instruction

  • Goto Smartphone’ Settings or long-press on the home screen then tap Settings
  • Tap Home screen & Recents
  • Toggle off App vault

That’s it. You have successfully turned of Mi App vault within a few steps.  

How To change Mi App vault to Google Feed

Without going further into this let me clear first thing, you cannot change App vault to Google feed officially. So How do we do that? We’ll do that using a new Android launcher. I prefer you to use Google Now Launcher since it has official Google feed support.

To get the Google Feed on MIUI, install Google Now launcher from the play store. It’s free. Once installed, you’ll get Google feed by default and you don’t need to customize anything else.

I hope now you got that point that how to turn off Mi app vault from smartphones or How you can change Mi app vault to Google feed. Thanks for reading the articles. In the future, we will post more articles like this. Stay tuned with us.

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