15 Useful Android Hacks Of All time

Your Android smartphone is more powerful then you think about it. Generally, people use their smartphones for calling, chatting, Internet browsing, Entertainment, and some other basic operations. Here are 15 Useful Android hacks of all time that you can perform using some Android apps & hidden settings.

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Manage Documents in your Android Phone

Manage Documents in Android Smartphones

Don’t have a laptop? want to create/manage documents for presentation? well, you really don’t need a laptop or desktop for this. It’s very easy to create or view documents whether it is PDF, PPTX, or any other format.

Using WPS Office, you can do all these things without much effort. You can manage your documents anytime, anywhere without having a laptop. I personally have used this, it’s better than the PC one. To know more about the WPS office, click here —WPS Office Download link and Review.

Turn off vibration feedback from your Android Phone

Turn Off Vibration Mode to save your battery

Every user wants their smartphone battery to last longer so why you still have turned on the vibration feedback. It decreases smartphones’ battery life since extra hardware is functioning. There’s no purpose of using this, goto Android phone’s settings > Sound settings > Turn off vibration feedback as soon as possible. It will increase your Android Battery performance more.

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Use Skype or Duo for video callings

Wait, what! You still use WhatsApp for video callings! If you use WhatsApp calling within a country that works better than average (not perfectly) but when you use it for international video calling that makes it worse. So what? Use better video calling apps like Skype or Duo. Actually, Skype is more powerful & provides better video quality than the Duo app. Anyway, both are good for within a country or international video callings. So download it from the play store right now!

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Split Screen for multitasking

Android Hack to Split Screen Feature

Multitasking seemed impossible until the split-screen feature arrived on Android phones. In case if you don’t know Multitasking, it allows our smartphones or computers to perform more than one operation in parallel or simultaneously.

Earlier, it was only possible on the PCs but after the Android 7.0 (Nougat) release, A split-screen is one of the useful Android hacks that can perform two operations in parallel at the same Window. Due to the smaller size of the Android screen, it cannot perform more than two operations at one window or at the same time.

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Share image on WhatsApp without losing image quality

Share WhatsApp Images WIthout Loosing Quality

Do you know? when you share an image from WhatsApp with your friends or another person, WhatsApp compresses your image to the low size and that causes a low-quality image too. To send the exact quality and exact size of the image, send the image as a document. For example, open WhatsApp > Open Chats screen of any person > Share logo > Documents > Choose image > Send. That’s it.

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Check weather forecasts using Google

Check Weather Details

Google is really useful. Usually, people install the weather Android apps just the check the weather forecasting like temperature, air quality, wind speed, etc. But do you really need a Weather forecasting app? just to check the weather Nope! You can visit Google and type weather in the search box then hit enter. Here you can see a detailed description of the weather forecast of 7-8 days. Try it.

Stop auto-update from play store

Auto-update is an option in the play store that updates the application to the latest version automatically as they release newer versions. There are mostly useless updates that play store download and install on a daily basis by consuming your data as well as time. So how to turn it off?

To turn off auto-update from the play store, Open Play store > slide left > Settings > Auto-update apps > Don’t auto-update apps > Done. Now you can update only major updates yourself manually. Here’s how to enable dark mode in Google Chrome you may like it.

Use LastPass app to save passwords

Remembering passwords is a kinda tough job, isn’t it? Everybody forgets their passwords after some time and they have reset their password for login again.

To save your time in resetting the password, use a better password manager app like LastPass which is an award-winning password manager app. Here you can save your all social passwords and other passwords as well. You can lock this app (LastPass) with a password so that means now only one password is needed to remember to access all the passwords. Try it.

Hide file or folder without any app

Android Hack to Hide FIles On Android Phone

This is one of the cool Android hacks. In Android phones, you can hide a file or folder by placing the dot (.) in front of the file or folder name. To do so, open File manager app > Choose a folder or file > Select rename > place dot (.) in front > Tap Ok. That’s it. For example, .file_name or .image_name.

Share WiFi Password using QR code

Share WiFI Password Using QR Code

Sharing a WiFi password is the most common thing nowadays. Anyone, who has accessed your WiFi passwords once, he/she can access your WiFi for lifetime until & unless you change the WiFi password.

Here, you can share your WiFi password using QR code which is a faster and secure method than usual. To do this, Goto WiFi option from phone’s settings > Tap on connected WiFi > Tap QR code > Scan it from your friends’ smartphone to connect the WiFi directly.

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Upload your important documents to Google Drive

Have you ever saved your important documents? Google Drive is where you can upload your important documents and can access those documents anywhere, anytime with any smartphone, you just need your Email & password. Along with documents, you can upload any type of file, folder, etc. Since it’s Google platform you don’t have to worry much about your privacy & security.

Increase internet speed while low Network

This is one of the easy and useful Android hacks but excellent you can use to boost your internet speed. Sometimes, we face low network problem that reduces internet speed or completely stop the internet. Here what you can do is call on any mobile number including (sim provider) care customer number as well, Once he picks up your call, visit your browser again, now you’ll see that speed of the internet has increased. Enjoy browsing.

Turn On flight mode while charging

There’s always a problem with charging speed, it takes so long to charge the smartphone’s battery from 0 to 100 percent. But turning flight mode on while charging can increase the speed of charging of your smartphone. That’s because all radio frequencies on your device turned off while in a flight mode. You can do its opposite too, turning on the flight mode can significantly increase the battery performance.

Limit Hotspot Connection

Limit Hotspot

If you had turned on Hotspot once without a password, there may be 90% chance of connecting other unknown devices as well. To prevent this, either you can block them one by one OR limit the Hotspot connection. To limit the maximum hotspot connection, Open smartphone’s settings > Personal Hotspot >  Limit of connected devices > set the value from 1 to 9. All Android smartphones have this option.

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Access Hidden Apps on Android Phone

Sometimes, your friend hides some apps from the home screen or app drawer that you normally can not access from the home screen. You need a password to access those apps. So how to access those apps? To access those hidden apps, first, you should know the app’s name that your friend is hiding with you. Now search that app name from the play store and open from there.

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Conclusion On Android Hacks

So we have discussed 15 useful Android hacks that you can do with your smartphone. Here are 15 More Android tricks and hacks that you can read this by clicking on the link.

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We will keep updating this list with new Android tricks. If you have any questions regarding this article, please comment down or you can contact us directly. And don’t forget to share it with your friends.


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