How to Join WhatsApp Beta Program?

WhatsApp beta program let you enjoy the features that are still under development. For Example, WhatsApp dark mode was introduced two months earlier before it releases to public or stable users. To take users feedback and find & fix the bug the beta updates provided only a few members of WhatsApp who have joined the beta program.

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What is the Beta version?

A software updates release between two phase, the first phase called Alpha and second Beta phase. The Alpha is the most first build version of any updates tested by only a few numbers of software tester and then it pushes to the beta version. A large number actual user who can give the feedback of the latest update. And if anyone able to find a bug it’ll be fixed in beta version. Then if it passes every phase it releases to global mass users to us.

So you might understand this, the people who join the beta program get a chance of getting pre-updates before the public users. That’s why we bring this article to show you how anyone can join WhatsApp beta program and enjoy the pre-build features.

Join WhatsApp Beta Program

By joining beta program, you’ll be eligible of getting new features earlier to you but not every time. Sometimes, it may include bugs result crashing your WhatsApp app or may other issue as well.

Follow the given steps for Android phones to join WhatsApp beta

  • Open Play Store on your Android phone
  • Search WhatsApp and tap the first option
  • Scroll to the bottom, you’ll Join the Beta option
  • Just Tap on Join.

It’ll take a few minutes to add you in beta program.

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Well! if you’re lucky to join beta program otherwise most time it shows “Beta program is Full“. In this case, you can do nothing except to wait. You can follow the steps two or three times in day to check if the option is available for you.

For now, that’s it. Congratulation, if have joined beta program already. For more tutorials visit our website. Follow us on Social media platform

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